Sunday, May 30, 2010

Random ~~~

Hey dudes and dudettes,hahaz nw is 3:23am and i am watching scream 2 now on channel 5, quite a bloody show lolz~~~ with the killer slaughtering the victims like its nobodies business and for some reason no one can overpower the killer.Anyway, it is a crazy show lolz~~~

Just went to fish spa yesterday ,quite an interesting and funz thing to do~~~.
The place I went had 3 different pools of fishes, small fish, medium fish and large fish.The larger fishes looked abit scary so we all tried in the pool with the small fishes.When the fishes nibble off your feet, it feels very ticklish and it is quite interesting seeing them in the pool nibbling on your feet lolz~~~.We eventually went to try getting bitten by the bigger fishes lolz.

I first tried the pool with the medium fishes.seemingly, the fishes in the current pool i am in likes my feet alot lolz.once I stepped into the pool, the fishes just swarm my feet, and its feels like hands touching my feet lolz but the sight was totally a different thing lolz, its like a swarm of small little sharks biting my feet lolz looks abit scary but also interesting hahaz.I then went to the pool with the large fishes,the fishes in this pool is quite big ,its like the size of the fish that you will find on the plate lolz~~~The bites from those fishes are more significant but painless lolz~~~ and it also look even scarier lolz.
I eventually went back to the pool with the small fishes but none of the fishes want to nibble on my feet, maybe my feet tooo clean due to the nibbling from the big fishes.

The overall experience is fun and i dont mind trying it againz~~~

Being sooo bored, I posted on friends posts on facebook and I irritated them.
I apologise for being soo irritating, sorry and I meant it sorry.

Anyways,its now 4:22am LOLZ~~~ still not intending to sleep lolz~~~

Byes and till the next post I will chat more TaTa~

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