Friday, April 30, 2010

SJCC Oritentation Day

Hey dudes and dudettes,well today is the orientation day for SJCC.I have never actually been early for the orientation before until today,as everytime on the orientation day, I will have school stuff that I am forced to attend to.As for my first year in NYP,I actually didnt attend the SJCC orientation.I only went over to the orientation area with my other two classmates and signed up for which division I wanted to join.I still remember that there are lots of people there.The first seniors I met was Yvonne.Actually the first time I met her she seem fine but,when one of my signed up for all 3 divisions,she said sometime like that,"siaoz arhh join all 3 division confirm don have time to attend all 1".LOLZ I was like quite shocked,me and my other 2 friends then signed up quickly and then went off to our school lecture.

Actually I only intended to join AAA but seeing my other 2 friends also joined JMD,so,I joined also.
This is also coincidentally pull me closer to be liking dance and also eventually made me more visible and known in the club.You may ask why is that so,well without joining JMD, I think I will not be very active in the club and in turns I will not be able to be given the chance to become Logistics and Vice JMD head and also without actually joining JMD, "G4" my band of brothers will not have been formed.
Alot of things linked with me joining JMD,lots more that I cant write or cannot finish writing in here.I guess I have to thank my those 2 friends that indirectly pulled in into JMD itself,although that quit after a few sessions.seemly,after my other two friends quit,I didnt, apparently I think I have found my interest in dancing that why I didnt quit.

Anyways about my day,well ,I basically got up ,prepared myself and went to school to help out for the SJCC orientation.When I reached the orientation destination, there are already alot of people there lining up for the registeration for the orientation.
I bought my lunch at south canteen and finished it at the stair behind the lift.
The line for the registeration was getting longer and longer,but the registering was not very effiention,but slowly, the line than became shorten and it eventually ended.
The students that signed up that went into LTN-2 and settled down.The lecture theare was apparently not big in enough for everyone to sit in so some of the students are forced to stand or sit on the floor.

The orientation then eventually started,while Ota sensei is presenting the club to the students who signed up,the other juniors are outside still preparing for the grouping of the students and also preparation for the games.
Eventually the presentation ended and the main com that introduced themselves using the japanese language and then later translating it into english,then each division then presented on what they do in during the weekly sessions.All the presentation ended and finally the juniors had settled the grouping of the students.The students was then spitted up in groups with their group leaders leading them and then they left for games.
For the games, the ice breaking games took quite long but it eventually ended and the station games finally started.
I will not comment on the other station games as I didnt see it as I was helping at the AAA station game that was in the Lecture theatre.
Well, the game in the lecture theatre was too easy for the students.Apparently, the students have to guess what character/s that are hidden behind the distorted image, the distorted image was too easy to recognise and the students guess in like 5 mins rather than the given time that is 15 mins.
This then created trouble as the students have to wait for the rest to finish on the other stations before they could process on to the next station.
Seemingly, there is a problem in somewhere that not all the groups managed to play all the games.

The games then eventually ended ,and there was a final debrief for the students who signed up.
The debrief then ended and they were then dismissed.

All the helpers and main com then had another debrief ,commenting about the goods and bads of this event and also what had gone wrong.
The debrief then ended and all were then dismissed.

we all stayed outside LTN-2 and waited for the main com to be finished with their meeting but we then eventually left for Macs to eat.

As I was meeting my secondary school friends for Kbox session till morning,I left earlier than the rest.

I went to cineleisure to meet the rest of my friends.
I went up to the Kbox but as the room was full, I had to wait outside.
My other friends eventually came out and we went to eat before starting the Kbox session.
After eatting,we went up and went into the Kbox room and started to choose our songs.
Well,I managed to choose a few songs but, as my Mandarin language was not very up to standard, I was not able to read the song lyris off the screen and sing and furthermore,my pronunciation wasnt that great also.I managed to sing a fews lines but I was struggling at it,but when the English song I chosen came,I was able to sing them all,but not with a great voice LOLZ and I noticed that Lady GaGa's song was the easiest to sing.We basically sang alot of weird songs,Beat it-Micheal Jackson,Bad Romance- Lady Ga Ga,Hey Jude,Bye Bye Bye,YMCA,Bring me to Life and Poker face-Lady Ga Ga,there is lots more weird songs but I remember them all lolz,its is very straining to the throat and diaphragm but its very fun and entertaining.We eventually left Kbox and 4am and went to Lan gaming ,we played L4D2 for 3 hours, 3 completed missions.
After all that, it was like 730 am in the morning and we then left for home in a half dead state LOLZ~.

I didnt post this on the day itself as I was too tired the moment I reached home.
I typed the intro and then fell asleep lolz~ and I didnt type it the day after cse I woke up later and I didnt feel like blogging at that time.
Anyway,I managed to post all that today at lolz 7+ am.

Byes and till the next post I will chat more about my day TaTa~

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