Friday, October 07, 2011

First post after One and a half year

Hey people, I am back to blogging again.
Guess what,I am now upgraded to mobile blogging with my blackberry phone.

Much of my life have past by from the last time being a mere trainee soldier in tekong to the current vocation of a Airforce Tech.
One year have past ever since my very first enlistment into army to the current vocation I am in,about one more year to ORD.
I have already got used to the current working cultural and the shift work in my workplace.
Anyways there is only one more year to go although it is not considered a short period but it is still a good length of time for me to have a taste of working in this kind of environment before I revert back into being a civilian.
Well,others might say that there is still reservice to think about, but to me it is still a long period of time away.

After working for sometime in air force I come to realization that it is not as relax a job as some may think.
Yes,although as compared to the army nsf , our work is physically less demanding but is sometimes mentally challenging and is definitely more mentally demanding.
We got to go lots of studying and test to actually be quailified as a airforce tech and even after being qualified we need to remember lots of figures and steps.

Anyways I guess I will end this post here, I will try to constantly update my blog from time to time.
Till the next time sayonara people.

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