Friday, October 07, 2011

First post after One and a half year

Hey people, I am back to blogging again.
Guess what,I am now upgraded to mobile blogging with my blackberry phone.

Much of my life have past by from the last time being a mere trainee soldier in tekong to the current vocation of a Airforce Tech.
One year have past ever since my very first enlistment into army to the current vocation I am in,about one more year to ORD.
I have already got used to the current working cultural and the shift work in my workplace.
Anyways there is only one more year to go although it is not considered a short period but it is still a good length of time for me to have a taste of working in this kind of environment before I revert back into being a civilian.
Well,others might say that there is still reservice to think about, but to me it is still a long period of time away.

After working for sometime in air force I come to realization that it is not as relax a job as some may think.
Yes,although as compared to the army nsf , our work is physically less demanding but is sometimes mentally challenging and is definitely more mentally demanding.
We got to go lots of studying and test to actually be quailified as a airforce tech and even after being qualified we need to remember lots of figures and steps.

Anyways I guess I will end this post here, I will try to constantly update my blog from time to time.
Till the next time sayonara people.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Random ~~~

Hey dudes and dudettes,hahaz nw is 3:23am and i am watching scream 2 now on channel 5, quite a bloody show lolz~~~ with the killer slaughtering the victims like its nobodies business and for some reason no one can overpower the killer.Anyway, it is a crazy show lolz~~~

Just went to fish spa yesterday ,quite an interesting and funz thing to do~~~.
The place I went had 3 different pools of fishes, small fish, medium fish and large fish.The larger fishes looked abit scary so we all tried in the pool with the small fishes.When the fishes nibble off your feet, it feels very ticklish and it is quite interesting seeing them in the pool nibbling on your feet lolz~~~.We eventually went to try getting bitten by the bigger fishes lolz.

I first tried the pool with the medium fishes.seemingly, the fishes in the current pool i am in likes my feet alot lolz.once I stepped into the pool, the fishes just swarm my feet, and its feels like hands touching my feet lolz but the sight was totally a different thing lolz, its like a swarm of small little sharks biting my feet lolz looks abit scary but also interesting hahaz.I then went to the pool with the large fishes,the fishes in this pool is quite big ,its like the size of the fish that you will find on the plate lolz~~~The bites from those fishes are more significant but painless lolz~~~ and it also look even scarier lolz.
I eventually went back to the pool with the small fishes but none of the fishes want to nibble on my feet, maybe my feet tooo clean due to the nibbling from the big fishes.

The overall experience is fun and i dont mind trying it againz~~~

Being sooo bored, I posted on friends posts on facebook and I irritated them.
I apologise for being soo irritating, sorry and I meant it sorry.

Anyways,its now 4:22am LOLZ~~~ still not intending to sleep lolz~~~

Byes and till the next post I will chat more TaTa~

Friday, April 30, 2010

SJCC Oritentation Day

Hey dudes and dudettes,well today is the orientation day for SJCC.I have never actually been early for the orientation before until today,as everytime on the orientation day, I will have school stuff that I am forced to attend to.As for my first year in NYP,I actually didnt attend the SJCC orientation.I only went over to the orientation area with my other two classmates and signed up for which division I wanted to join.I still remember that there are lots of people there.The first seniors I met was Yvonne.Actually the first time I met her she seem fine but,when one of my signed up for all 3 divisions,she said sometime like that,"siaoz arhh join all 3 division confirm don have time to attend all 1".LOLZ I was like quite shocked,me and my other 2 friends then signed up quickly and then went off to our school lecture.

Actually I only intended to join AAA but seeing my other 2 friends also joined JMD,so,I joined also.
This is also coincidentally pull me closer to be liking dance and also eventually made me more visible and known in the club.You may ask why is that so,well without joining JMD, I think I will not be very active in the club and in turns I will not be able to be given the chance to become Logistics and Vice JMD head and also without actually joining JMD, "G4" my band of brothers will not have been formed.
Alot of things linked with me joining JMD,lots more that I cant write or cannot finish writing in here.I guess I have to thank my those 2 friends that indirectly pulled in into JMD itself,although that quit after a few sessions.seemly,after my other two friends quit,I didnt, apparently I think I have found my interest in dancing that why I didnt quit.

Anyways about my day,well ,I basically got up ,prepared myself and went to school to help out for the SJCC orientation.When I reached the orientation destination, there are already alot of people there lining up for the registeration for the orientation.
I bought my lunch at south canteen and finished it at the stair behind the lift.
The line for the registeration was getting longer and longer,but the registering was not very effiention,but slowly, the line than became shorten and it eventually ended.
The students that signed up that went into LTN-2 and settled down.The lecture theare was apparently not big in enough for everyone to sit in so some of the students are forced to stand or sit on the floor.

The orientation then eventually started,while Ota sensei is presenting the club to the students who signed up,the other juniors are outside still preparing for the grouping of the students and also preparation for the games.
Eventually the presentation ended and the main com that introduced themselves using the japanese language and then later translating it into english,then each division then presented on what they do in during the weekly sessions.All the presentation ended and finally the juniors had settled the grouping of the students.The students was then spitted up in groups with their group leaders leading them and then they left for games.
For the games, the ice breaking games took quite long but it eventually ended and the station games finally started.
I will not comment on the other station games as I didnt see it as I was helping at the AAA station game that was in the Lecture theatre.
Well, the game in the lecture theatre was too easy for the students.Apparently, the students have to guess what character/s that are hidden behind the distorted image, the distorted image was too easy to recognise and the students guess in like 5 mins rather than the given time that is 15 mins.
This then created trouble as the students have to wait for the rest to finish on the other stations before they could process on to the next station.
Seemingly, there is a problem in somewhere that not all the groups managed to play all the games.

The games then eventually ended ,and there was a final debrief for the students who signed up.
The debrief then ended and they were then dismissed.

All the helpers and main com then had another debrief ,commenting about the goods and bads of this event and also what had gone wrong.
The debrief then ended and all were then dismissed.

we all stayed outside LTN-2 and waited for the main com to be finished with their meeting but we then eventually left for Macs to eat.

As I was meeting my secondary school friends for Kbox session till morning,I left earlier than the rest.

I went to cineleisure to meet the rest of my friends.
I went up to the Kbox but as the room was full, I had to wait outside.
My other friends eventually came out and we went to eat before starting the Kbox session.
After eatting,we went up and went into the Kbox room and started to choose our songs.
Well,I managed to choose a few songs but, as my Mandarin language was not very up to standard, I was not able to read the song lyris off the screen and sing and furthermore,my pronunciation wasnt that great also.I managed to sing a fews lines but I was struggling at it,but when the English song I chosen came,I was able to sing them all,but not with a great voice LOLZ and I noticed that Lady GaGa's song was the easiest to sing.We basically sang alot of weird songs,Beat it-Micheal Jackson,Bad Romance- Lady Ga Ga,Hey Jude,Bye Bye Bye,YMCA,Bring me to Life and Poker face-Lady Ga Ga,there is lots more weird songs but I remember them all lolz,its is very straining to the throat and diaphragm but its very fun and entertaining.We eventually left Kbox and 4am and went to Lan gaming ,we played L4D2 for 3 hours, 3 completed missions.
After all that, it was like 730 am in the morning and we then left for home in a half dead state LOLZ~.

I didnt post this on the day itself as I was too tired the moment I reached home.
I typed the intro and then fell asleep lolz~ and I didnt type it the day after cse I woke up later and I didnt feel like blogging at that time.
Anyway,I managed to post all that today at lolz 7+ am.

Byes and till the next post I will chat more about my day TaTa~

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Hey dudes and dudettes,today is a very very very unlucky day for me.
I got injured 3 times and missed my bus even though it saw me...
Furthermore, 1 of the injures was like Damn stupid .
My life is filled with lots of bad luck but there is also quite a amount of good luck.

Well,I guess everyone will once in a while get good or bad luck,I dont think anyone can be all the way having bad luck and also I dont think anyone can be all the way having good luck.The luck for anyone changes once in a while,the person could be having good luck for this few years but all of the sudden, his luck gone in reversal and turned drastically bad or it could happen the other way another from bad to good.
Anyways, good or bad is not for us to decide,but it is for fate to give us good or bad luck.We cant blame it on anything,just live with it I guess.

I guess you will ask me then," why are you complaining about having bad luck?".
Well, my answer is simple,I just want to rant it out on the blog.This ranting making me feel better in the ways that I can tell it someone else other than my friends.I do not need to tell everyone about it personally if I rant it in here LOLZ~.

Anyways about my day,After I got myself prepared,went to the bus stop and took the bus,when going to the second level of the double-decker bus, I hit my right elbow against the stairs railings,well I thought that I was fine but when I rool a look at my injury I notice a tiny hole with little blood on my elbow.I took out my tissue and then cleaned it thinking that the wound will not bleed any further but I was wrong.... The next moment I touched my wound, I feel some liquid substance and found out that it is blood.I checked my wound again and saw that I was bleeding again.
I then put on a plaster but there is still a tiny tinge of pain emitting from my wound.
I then got off the bus at AMK ,went to the Ice Cream store at Jubilee shopping centre and bought a scoop of Rum and Raisins with a cone.
I then continued onward to school while eating my Ice Cream.
The Rum and Raisins I had in the past is very different from the one I was having while going to school.The taste of Rum was much stronger but yet,it was not tooo strong for my taste.It was quite nice and sweet.

I eventually reached school and finished my Ice Cream.
I saw Ban Theang and Val at the benches but left them since the rest is going start the discussion at Mac.
The discussion started after I bought my food at Macs.
While sucking on a packet of mayonnaise,I put it out and the edge of the packet slit my inside of my mouth.I was like " WTF I kanna cut by a mayonnaise packet...."
I ranted it to the people beside me but eventually kept quiet as the discussion was still going on.

Basically the discussion was about the upcoming JMD event.
Lots of things were discussed about, food,venue, etc.
While the rest was still decided about what to do, I took out my laptop and showed to elyn and Hui Ting our old JMD performance during Open House 2008, CAF 2008 and they saw the youtube video of Trixy's Ranka Lee performance during CAF 2009.

The discussion continued on and much was decided.
The rest of the main Com then came back from another meeting with Ota Sensei.
The current discussion then ended but another discussion started, discussion about the stuff for orientation on 28 april that is tomorrow(Now is 3:58am so well it should be today)but I was not suppose to be involved so I just sat in.

As it was getting late, the discussion ended and we all, including the other main com left toward the train station.
We then went our seperate ways at the MRT station.

As Hui Ting yesterday,so called accompanied me home on the bus as she wanted to try take bus 70,so in return,so I so called accompanied her home on the bus 72.
We chatted for awhile, after awhile, Hui Ting fell asleep as she is quite tired.
We eventually reached her house.We then waited for the bus 101 to come.
We then chatted and chatted.The bus I was suppose to take then went pass the bus stop that I was at without even stopping.I was like "dotz...",then we then waited for the next bus to come.
Eventually, the bus came and we bid of farewares.

I will be going back to school to help out for the SJCC orientation.

Byes and till the next post I will chat more about my day TaTa~

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rainy dayz~

Hey dudes and dudettes,rain,hmmmm, droplets of water that drop from the sky LOLZ~ or the condensation of water vapour in the clouds in the sky.Rainy dayz have been a terror during sometimes and also an enjoyment during sometimes to me.Wellz, A terror when I am going out and it floods the pathway that I want to walk on and also there is one time that I got super drench with rain water when I had to run from my tution place to my house, on a normal day it will take me 15 mins to walk,so basically I ran under the rain for at least 10 mins lolz there was also once that my umbrella was spoiled due to the wind and there was once when I was on the way to NYP on a day with very heavy rain,the left path that leads to Nyp was so flood that the water level reached about half my calf's height LOLZ,in Nyp itself the flood was also quite bad LOLX the pathway towards Block L was sooo flooded that it reached my ankle height lolz and the drain was sooo flooded that it is erupting sooo much water that it had created a mini fountain LOLZ~.

An enjoyment when I am at home relaxing,sleeping, or after a very warm day then it suddenly rain , that is the best.The rain also reminded me of the days where I play rugby in school in a very muddy field as it have just rained a day before LOLZ.
That was one of the few times that I actually enjoying playing in the mud,tacking people and getting tacked became less pain ,but the bad part is, my white shoes became brown shoes due to the mud lolz.That was great time in school.

Anyway about my day,I woke at during the afternoons and it was raining heavily,I then prepared myself and then went to school.I remember Hui Ting asked me to help her buy satay sticks, so before going to school, I went to the hardware store at AMK to buy 2 packs of satay sticks,as it was still raining, i took out my umbrella and walked back to school,on the way back, I saw this Ice cream store and I decide to purchase some,hahaz basically there are quite a number of choices and I decided on Whiskey cream.This flavour have a quite a strong taste of whiskey in it but it is not too overwhelming,it quite nice.With the stuff in hand and my Ice Cream and Umbrella, I wallked back to school while enjoying my tasty Ice Cream.

I eventually reached school and finished my Ice Cream.I met Kai and Russel at the benches near the clubroom.I then took the satay I bought and gave it to shiki.The rest were in the clubroom doing the noticeboard,
Eventually they passed me the satay sticks and I then began work on cutting the sharp tips.
After finishing,Hui Ting,Kai and Russel left for class.
YaChen then took all the tipless satay sticks and some threads and the noticeboard back ground itself.We intend to make the satay sticks into the mats that resembles the sushi making mat.We first arrange the sticks on sticky tape and then threaded them,but the threading was too difficult with the very thin thread so we changed into a thicker thread and the new thread worked wonders on the satay sticks.

The others like Yuan Tat,Rui Ling,Raimie,De Sheng and Delson came to help out in the mat making we eventually managed to make about 4 and then Hui Ting appeared back from her class and Chee How also came.After some pondering,we all decided that instead of having the whole bottom half of the notice board background stuck with the mats we made, we stuck the mats at the centre of the bottom half so that there are equal portions of the board left empty without the mats.

We chatted and work at the same time,chatting about random stuff.
Eventually,we finished what is needed and began to slack off for awhile,Fook Yu then came and we talked about our past experience dancing with Danny and the Alumnis and also talking about dance moves.After that moment of rest, Fook Yu left and we began to stick the mats on the background itself.We tried to used white glue to stick it on the background ,but it failed badly,so we then used the glue gun to stick it on and guess what, it was a great success.The letter was then restuck on the background using the glue gun.

After all the work have been done, we cleaned up the place and began to leave for the notice board.

As Yuan Tat and Chee How was playing with the clubroom key, the key somehow became slightly bend and it became harder to insert and remove it from the keyhole.

I then advice them on how to settle this problem as when I was the Logistics Head 1 year ago I also encountered this problem.
Apparently, only me and De Sheng are able to insert and remove the key while the rest failed at it.I guess this must be so cause I enough this problem before and learnt how to deal with it and had taught De Sheng what I have learnt LOLZ~.

Anyways, after that key situation,we that walked and reached the notice board.
After some shifting , we then finally managed to staple it down on the board.
We then admire our job well then, we then left for dinner at Mac.Shiki,Sherly and MeiWen went home first.

We then settled down ,as I dont have any cash on me, I went to take out money from the ATM with Hui Ting who also needed money.
After getting the money, we bought our dinner and settled down to eat.
We talked about the weirdest stuff we could think of like, for some reason, someone talked a bird having a penis that is 2 metres long and all of us then laughed and laughed and thought that it was not possible.We then did research on it and found out that the bird with the longest penis have only a penis with 42cm long, very big different from 2 metres.I also added that the whale have a huge penis that can give out gallons and gallons of sperm.The rest didnt believe me so, they found out and notice that it is really true.We talked about this subject till we left for home.

We then went our seperate ways at the train station as usual.
As me and Hui Ting are taking bus home,we walked together.
She then decided that she wanted to try and take bus 70 to see if it is able to reach her home and since I was there she will not need to take it alone.
We then went to the bus 70 the line and waited.
While waiting, there is some croaking sound coming out from the drains.I guess it could be frogs or toad and I was right.Hui Ting then checked it and following up by many other people that was attracted by the loud croaking.

We then eventually boarded the bus ,took the bus guide and examine it.
We then found out that this bus doesnt go to where Hui Ting lives so,we just chatted then we eventually both fell asleep.
We then eventually reached my home area and departed the bus.
I then brought her to the 147 bus stop and coincidenily the bus 147 came and she went for it and we all then went home.

Lasting~, I lost my umbrella in school DAMN IT~.
OK that all.

I will be going back to school to attend to a discussion but will be in school quite late as the discussion starts late.

Byes and till the next post I will chat more about my day TaTa~

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Number 100 post~

Hey dudes and dudettes,this is my number 100 post for my blog,although I know 100 posts in a blog is not a big deal,but I just want to say that it have reached the number 100 post LOLZ~.

I started my blog during my secondary school days.If you ask why I started a blog,well,seriously I dont know why,as I remembered I just created it for fun LOLZ.
At first, I will post about random stuff about my school life, thoughs of current events and also random pictures. I post on my blog occasionally,eventually when I reached Poly my posting became more often but after a year of soo, I stopped.
My posting restarted this year as I became more free to post about my school life in poly.Now I post most likely daily about my day and my thoughts of the events happening during the current day.
For the reason why I didnt post for the yesterday was that I was too tired.

Anyways about yesterday,I when to school at 10,at Mac, I met vicky and Chee How talking about something,as I dont want to interrupt I saw some palce further away from them,I was suppose meet up with Fook Yu to have breakfast at school Mac but she came late.Hu ting and Lue Song by right was suppose to meet as but they didnt came until later.Ban Theang and Val eventually came while me and Fook Yu was eating breakfast,we also saw byran and he also joined us.After finishing,we then went our to the meeting place, which is outside clubroom and saw the rest of the Jmd juniors there,but we eventaully changed the venue to Mac as the area there is toooo warm.We then went over to Mac.

At Mac, we met Hu Ting and Lue Song that have just reached school.
We found a table ,settled down and began the debrief for the performance on thursday Club Crawl.
Fook Yu then started off the debrief,comments of the performance was given and rating of how good the performance was asked.Eventually,the debrief was done after watching the performance videos.

Trixy and Gerry eventually came.

The 08 batch then left but it is not the end of the meeting yet.
We then continued talking about the future of Jmd, how the juniors are to settle the trainings and also about the singing part of Jmd.
The juniors intend to have Bryan as the instructor for Hip Hop in Jmd and Ban Theang as Traditional instructor.They also asked help from Trixy and Lue Song to help them for the instructing for singing.

I also further the meeting by asking Chee How about questions on Jmd,like room booking or choice for vice JMD head.

Danny and those who play basketball with him eventaully came.

After a long while,alot of questions and were asked and given.
Then the question of Natsu performance eventaully came and Chee How asked Danny about this matter,he then replied and gave further advice.

He also gave further advice to Chee How about Jmd.

We all then chatted about the past stuff about Jmd and within the chat, we know about alot of stuff about the current situation in SJCC and also within the chat, also contain lots of tips,pointers and advice for Chee How and the juniors to take in running Jmd and handling the position of Jmd head or even handling the place of Jmd in SJCC.There is also some infomation about some weird happening in SJCC.

The overall meeting and chat session is fun and interesting.

After all that ,we left school and went our seperate ways.

I went to my aunt house to have my dinner before processing to the aiport to send off my aunt and uncle who are going back to there home at England.
Basically their check in is at Terminal 3.

They went in at about 10pm, many hugs were given before they went in.

My family there left for home.

That it about yesterday.

Then about today,it is pretty simple LOLZ~.

I woke up in the afternoon, prepared myself and went out to my Max's house as we are going to meet up with Ban Theang and Faq to play Monster Hunter.
I went to Max house and I thought I reached by actually, I went to the wrong block, a block just beside LOLZ~.
When I reached his house,I settled down, ate my lunch and then we started playing.
We managed to clear afew quest including a urgent quest but we keep failing at the akantor urgent ,so we hunted for materials.

When it is reaching dinner time,we went out the the coffee shop and had our dinner and left for the MRT.
We then gone our seperate ways at the MRT station.

It is very simple for today, as there isnt much happening today just the above stated.

I will be going back to school to help out for the notice board.

Byes and till the next post I will chat more about my day TaTa~

Friday, April 23, 2010

Last day of Club Crawl

Hey dudes and dudettes, yesterday was the last day of club crawl,I wanted to post yesterday but.... When I know the com, the next morning in know, I find asleep on the couch with my facebook on lolz~ I was very tired due to yesterday Club Crawl.
Anyways, yesterday club crawl as compared to the first day was much more better organised but it is still messy~.
Many people are still late but the booth started earlier then the first day.
Well~ at least there is some improvements~......

Anyways about yesterday,I woke up very earlier in the morning.
I was late as I said that I will be meeting the rest at about 8am.
Think I was late I then rushed there and reached school at about 830.
I was like think to myself "Damn~ I am late hope that I am not that~ late"
Oh well~ I expected the people to be there already but.... when I went into the clubroom only Delson was there and he told me he was the only 1 here and he came at 8am and nobody came yet.

I was like"LOLZ~ I came early for nothing......".
Delson then began to rest in the clubroom while I stone in there till wanzi came I then I went out as it was getting cold in the clubroom.
Kai , Desmond and Ban Theang eventually came at 8+,the time the helpers support to meet at, but apparently no 1 was there other then me, kai,desmond , one other junior and delson and wanzi which was in the clubroom.We then waited Azmah and Hakimah eventually came,dressed up themselves in their costume and they were prepared to go to the sport hall to promote the club to the freshies.
As there was no one at the sport hall yet,they both of them just stayed near the clubroom and waited till the booth is opened.
The rest eventually came and began to help since the guys are there so me and de sheng and kai started helping them to tie their yukata.While tying, we did try to teach them how to tie but if they know or dont know how to tie is another thing lolz.

While I am helping out in the clubroom, the rest began to take stuff over to the booth,starting the booth and registration.
Fook Yu then eventually called and complain that why is the booth not started yet and if we are not going over to the sport hall, she is going to find us at the clubroom lolz.

Rousi then eventually came with a dying look lolz~.
So called joke with her but she didnt reply what I expected lolz~.

The rest who are ready then left for the sport hall.

I then wore the Domo costume and went toward the sport hall with Kai,Aloy and De Sheng
It feel very funny and warm wearing the domo costume.It attracted lots n lots of attention hahaz, some people even took photos with me~.

We eventually reached the sport hall and I took of the Domo costume as it is getting very warm, I was perspiring alot and I mean seriously alot.
I began by giving out flyers to the students and when the JMD performance started I began to take their performance video using my HP.Today's performance is much better as compared to the performance on the first day.
They are now more centered on the stage and during their traditional performance,it look more energetic then on the first day.
The performance eventually ended and when back to the booth.
I then began to walk around with the Kon sign to attract freshies to the club.
After sometime walking around,I passed the sign to someone else and wore the Chomper sandwich board and after sometime I went to rest at the booth. After sometime resting I went out to give out flyers to the students.
It was like 1pm+ and by right the rest who went for lunch should be back earlier on.
All the rest at the booth was like complaining why there took soooo long to take their lunch.

The people who went lunch eventually came back and me, fook yu,kai and shu yun then went for lunch while Delson and Tanner had to stay as they had to wait for Thiri.

We then went to koufu for our lunch and went back to the sport hall, on the way, we met Delson and Tanner.
We all then went back to the booth.Fook Yu and me eventually took over the 2 seats at the booth and kai was infront of the booth making paper roses and becoming the booth promoter while me n Fook Yu handened the registration.
Ben n Rousi then came back, as Ben sit on the floor as he is in the clavior costume, so Fook Yu gave him her chair.

The day was slow and Fook Yu was like dosing off while sitting on the floor, beside me ,where I am on the chair lolz~ and I was like stoning on the chair as they is not much people coming to the booth.It is when the students came to register, I will just come out of my stoning mode lolz~.

The day soon come to a end and we began to pack up and leave.
Before leaving, we took a group photo before we left.I wasnt in the group photo as I do not want to ,so I showed only my hands LOLZ~.

We then went back to the clubroom and had a short debrief and everyone is dismissed while the Main comm had a short debrief with me,Fook Yu and De sheng and we said and asked what we wanted to know and wanted to said.

Eventually,me and Fook Yu left and me, Kai , Shu Yun went for dinner at the AMK Market.

Aloy , Kach and Rousi eventually came and we then all finished our dinner and chatted and all of them except me and Rousi began playing their DS.Both of us then stoned then chatted abit then all of us left for home at 10pm.
On our to the train station,we met xinyan,Thiri and vicky.We then seperated at AMK hub as me and Rousi was taking the taxi as she had a big luggage with her dressup stuff in it and I was going to same way so we decided to take the taxi together and share the cost evenly.

We then chatted on our way home on the taxi, we first went to hougang and dropped Rousi off and then went home to serangoon.
The cost is less then $10.

I will still be going back to school to attend the JMD debrief session at 11am.

Byes and till the next post I will chat more about my day TaTa~

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

First day of Club Crawl

Hey dudes and dudettes,today is the first day of club crawl,this is the two days all the clubs are waiting for to so called present their club to the whole of Nyp and also to attract members to join, mainly freshies.

I have basically been and seen through 2 club crawls so I more if less have some experience to share with the juniors, experience like what to do to the booth, how to handle the loaning of yukata and happi and also what stuff that can be brought ober to furhter beautify the booth.

I plan to actually support them and also suggest to them about what stuff can be or cant be done,I seriously do not plan to go over and overtake the power as an alumni but only support them as an alumni.

Anyways about today, I woke up early and went off to school at about 830pm and I reached school at about 9am.When I reached school there are alright people that,some were wearing yukata and some were preparing for their cosplay for that day.
I then went over to help the guys to tie their yukata.

After finishing helping the guys in the tying of their yukata,we began packing stuff to bring over to the sport hall while the rest of the girls and cosplayers are still preparing themselves.We took some stuff and went off.
I took a big big of stuff some I was much slower than the rest.
Eventually I only same De sheng came back to get his laptop.
When I reach the sport hall, there are already lots of people, but when I reach the booth there is only kai and Jeremie there.
I then took the stuff with the help of kai, we further enhanced the booth .During the enhancement,1 guy came ask if the booth is ready for the registration,I told him that it is not ready but I could help him in the registration.I then further explain to him about the 3 different division of SJCC he then gave me his name admin no and Hp no but I do not have a paper at that time so I had to type it in my Hp.
More and more people came 2 girls came and ask if we teach japanese language and they are only interested in learning the Japanese language.Actually I find the two girls quite chio hahaz~.Anyways another 2 girls came and joined and another guy came and joined. Desmond then eventually popped out and helped me in the registration by provide pen and paper.

We managed to hold the crowd till the rest came which was at 11am.
My registration role was then taken over and took the Kon adverting board and walked around with it holding it up high for all to see.

I later accompanied alex around with board while alex is gaving out the flyers and we then later joined up with the other cosplayers and people wearing yukata.

I did that until about 2+, then I gave the job to someone else and took the clubroom doll aka susan for a walk around the sport hall and treated her like a child and I also took her out for lunch LOLZ~. Many people stared at her lolz, some even played with her or even got scared lolz.

I eventually put her back on the table and went to eat my lunch.
After lunch , I was given delson's camera, so I went around and took pictures and then went over to the jmd which was behind the stage as their performance was near.
I took their pictures and as their was starting, I went out and asked elyn for help to take video of the performance while I took photos.
The performance eventually ended. I personally felt that it is quite bad.....
Anyways I then took a few more pictures before passing the camera to De Sheng.
As there istn much for me to do,so I slacked off till it was time to pack up.
we eventually packed up and left.

At the debrief, the main com talked about the mistakes they have made and also the mistakes everyone made.Comments from the alumni and seniors was also added to further elaborate the wrongs of today,also suggesting them ways on how they can improve it for the next day.

The debrief eventually ended and we left to have our dinner at S11.
Honey, Aida and me waited at booked the place at S11 which the rest went to AMK Hub to the game shop.
They took quite long but eventually came back and everyone started their dinner.
Hui ting then eventually came.
After finishing dinner,we chatted till we left for home.

We first splitted up into 2 groups at the crossroad and then I left the whole group as I was the only lonely one that was taking the bus lolz.
Although I can take the train we the rest but I think that bus is better for me so I took the bus.

After reaching the bus stop and boarding the bus, I then began to type out the first part of my blog post on my hp. LOLZ~

I will still be going back to school to help out at the booth,I will reach school early in the morning so I will be sleeping earlier than usual

Byes and till the next post I will chat more about my day TaTa~

Last Day for Club Crawl Preparation

Hey dudes and dudettes,today is the last day for the Club Crawl Preparation.
Alot alright have been done, but I think there is lots more work ahead for today.

Anyway about today,I woke up just in time for me to go to school to help.
After my standard preparation of shower,wear clothing and add some lotion on my hair,
I left for school.I when to the bus stop and took the bus to school.
After the bus travelled for afew stops, it began to rain and I was like "WTF Rainz again..... sianzzzz",but when I was reaching school, the rain eventaully got lighter and I was like "LOLZ~ the rainz so short length~".

After reaching Yio Chu Kang, I got of the bus and went ahead to school.
On reaching school,the first thing I did was to check out the SJCC booth at the sport hall.Basically ,the SJCC booth is in the left corner of the sport hall.The booth is small and it is also overpowered by the Malay Cultural Group's booth as they have a big house structure.For the moment the booth still looks plain as it only have a banner up.

I went back to the clubroom and after some discussion of what to bring over,we brought some stuff and went to the booth to beautify it.
After sometime adding pretty stuff to it,we notice that it needs a better tablecloth,
so De Sheng and me went back to the clubroom and brought back the stuff we need.

We then continue working at the booth it was time to go.After adding those pretty stuff there, the booth looked much better than before.

We then left to settle other stuff at the clubroom.
The sandwich boards were further enhanced with Sentences about joining SJCC.
We basically cut out letters that is printed on afew A4 size paper.
The letters were than pasted on the sandwich boards.
Some of the rest were also doing the noticeboard ,painting Sakura and Orchid flowers on the background sheet of the noticeboard.

After doing much work, the batch that went for dinner came back and my batch of working people went to eat our dinner at Mac.
At Mac, after buying our dinner,we chatted about girls and also talked about the situation of Jack when he and Rayme was at Cheers.
Basically what happen was, Rayme overheard that the girl at the counter talking about that this was there last day of work at Cheers.Rayme after getting the stuff he is buying, he went to pay for it and while paying chatted with the girl about her last day at Cheers.Jack eventually came and pay for his items but the weird thing is when Rayme was about to say sometime else, Jack for no apparent reason throw his change and his receipt into the receipt bin.
Furhtermore, he look very serious about it when he was doing it.Rayme and the girl was then stunned.That is about what I heard from Rayme.
This is damn funny and the guys at the dinner table laughed and laughed and we eventually called Jack the $1.25 man as the change he threw there was $1.25.
And Rayme even wants to create facebook group called $1.25 just for this reason LOLZ.

We eventaully finished our dinner and went back to help.
After doing much of the work, we began to chat again and guess whats the topic....
girls lolz.

The chat was funny.
We then began to clean up as much of the work was done and it is getting late.

We left the place at abt 11pm.

The whole group moved off towards the MRT and chatted on the way there.

I will still be going back to school to help out at the booth,I will reach school early in the morning so I will be sleeping earlier than usual

Byes and till the next post I will chat more about my day TaTa~

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

First day of school reopen

Hey dudes and dudettes,today is the first day of school reopen.
Actually it doesn't affect me at all lolz
as I am already waiting for my graduation on may.
Alot of my juniors complained about their timetable being tooo random and classes all clustered together with little breaks in between,but some of them are also very happy with their timetable as they got quite alot of free days.

Anyway about today,I woke up in the afternoon but saw the time was too early to go to school so I went back to sleep again until like about 2 hours later.
After I woke up again,I had a throbbing headache and I went back to sleep again LOLZ.
This time I slept for another hour and woke up, although my headache is still there but it is not as bad as before, so I came up and showered and wore my clothing and went off with my laptop and stuffz.
Although it was raining cats and dogs, seriously very heavy rainz~,I still decide to go to school.

Luckily, we the help of my umbrella, I managed to be dry but my bag wasn't that lucky.
My bag was quite wet but luckily the water didn't managed to reach my laptop.
The bus eventually came and I boarded it, took a seat and began to read the book I borrowed from woodlands library (The Nice Girl Syndrome).

The bus eventaully reached Yio Chu Kang interchange.
I came down and saw alot of people walking the opposite direction from me.
This first time in 2 months that I have seen so many people in that long walkway to school.
I eventually reached school and met up with Max.
He wanted to get from me Assassin's creed and Flash CS4 from me,so I took out my Laptop and began the transferring,but my laptop's power went crazy and put itself to sleep, so I had to wait for it to completely go to sleep before actually turning it on and restart the transferring again.
Faq and Ban Theang and Val eventually came.
We than played a round of monster hunter, killng two blangogas before leaving the area we are at.

As I said that I will be staying around to help out for the decoration for the club crawl booth, I didn't go with Ban Theang and the rest to Mac.

After settling down my stuffz, I began to help the other in the making of the so called life sized Domo mascot.
As usual, we chatted about alot of stuff during the work.

We first cut up the cardboard boxes which came from the school.
After cutting the boxes into different parts, we then taped up some of the parts together to form the different body parts of Domo.
After finishing, the rest went for dinner while I took care of the stuff that was there.

I didn't go with them us I have already ate my dinner awhile before.
I then took out the library book(The Nice Girl Syndrome) and began reading.
According to the book, being too nice is actually very bad as it give people the chance for them to step over you,taking advantage of you.
The book also stated that there are actually alot of girls that are being taken advantage of just because they are too nice to the people around them.
After reading through some chapters,the rest eventually came back.
We than began to paint all the different parts of Domo.

We worked till around 11pm,then we began to pack up and leave.

We chatted on our way to the train station.
Upon reaching, I seperated from the group as I was the only one in the group that takes the bus home.

Anyways this is what I have in mind to type in this current post

I will still be going back to school tomorrow to help out more but I think I will reach school near the afternoon or maybe later since the rest still got school and they are not starting till 3pm.

Byes and till the next post I will chat more about my day TaTa~

Sunday, April 18, 2010

KickAss the Movie

Hey dudes and dudettes,today I am meeting my friends for a movie,movie name:KickAss.

We met up at CauseWay Point and before going in we bought of snack, popcorn,hot dog.
Anyway we went in and the movie started.Not to spoil the movie for you all out there I am not going to reveal any movie spoilers, but basically, the movie is very funny and considered to me to be quite bloody in some ways.

After the movie, we came out and began to explore CauseWay Point. Actually there is much to explore there.
We just went in to Comic Connection and a few other stores that sells random interesting stuff.

We eventually made our way to ground floor and decided to go to the library at the civis centre.

We went in and searched for some books on ActionScripting and music composing and after borrowing it we went out but before we went down Faq went to toilet so we waited for him near the escalators.There are some random book placed on the table near the escalators.

There is a book that looks interesting,"The Nice Girl Syndrome",so I picked it up and borrowed it.

This book is more suitable for girls to read but,I was like "I don care I just wanna read it",even after my friends teasing me say that I more of a girl inside, but I am seriously not, I am totally a guy mentally and physically LOLZ.

Anyway after Faq came out,we decided to go to Mac to eat and rest till we leave for home.

At the Mac I ordered a Double Chocolate Frappe and Cinnamon Meltz.
The Cinnamon Meltz is quite nice and sweet and the Double Chocolate Frappe is not too bad.

After resting there for awhile, it began to rain so we moved into the indoors.
Ban Theang was bored and tired so he began to sleep and the rest of us, Max, Faq, Shaun and me continued playing our handheld consoles , 2 PSP and 2 NDS lolz.

It began to turn dark and it seem to be late , so we began to leave for home.
We went to train station and we went splitted into 2 groups as both groups are taking different directions.

Ban Theang and me took the train toward Marina Bay while Max,Shaun and Faq took the train toward Jurong East.

Anyways this is what I have in mind to type in this current post

The below pictures are pictures from the Long Beach restaurant at East Coast.

Byes and till the next post I will chat more about my day TaTa~

Picture from my Feast on 17th April

CCA Transcript

Hey dudes and dudettes,I just received my CCA Transcript,
and guess what??? I get a A that I am not sure I got it cause of luck
or cause of the stuff I did for SJCC(Japanese club in NYP).
You may ask why am I questioning my own achievements.
This is due to the reason that I was apparently given an extra leadership involvement
LOLZ I was given points for being the committee Member of Taekwondo Club in NYP.
I have only been the committee Member of SJCC and only a normal member for Taekwondo Club.
Furthermore,I have asked around between the other committee members of SJCC and apparently they only got B.

That is why I think I got my A grade by luck.
Hahaz anyways, it is good that I got an A grade but apparently it is not much use to me us I am not applying for any of the universities LOLZ.

Anyways about today, I woke up early then usual at about 9+am but I went back to sleep and eventually woke up at 10.
I then showered and rushed out of the house as I was support to meet up with Lue song and Hui Ting for breakfast and I am very off timing,so I went out and took a taxi to school but luckily I managed to meet up with Lue song and Hui Ting.

After Chatting for awhile Joanna came out of the blue, she told us she came to school to meet up with some friends.
After breakfast, we went to look at the juniors doing the preparation for the CLubCrawl but realised that they haven started and they only intend to start at 1pm.
After knowing that, We then went back to Mac and saw Zhisen and rest.
we chatted for awhile and then went to look for the JMD juniors.

We found the juniors with Ban Theang who is instructing and improving the juniors the traditional dance for the ClubCrawl Performance.
After watching for awhile we went off and go our separate ways at Block A.
I went back to the juniors and it is only 1230 so we waited till elyn and Alex came and the work finally started when they reached.

ZhiSen also came along and look but in the end began to help abit.
JMD also came along and practised near the working area.
Somemore helpers eventually came and the work seem to be having some progress.

Alot of funny things happened there while the work was going on, running around and chasing each other like little kids and talking loudly like its their own house.
Hahaz they cannot help it I guess,they are still young, while me and zhisen is getting old liaoz not used to all this.
What I was glad that I managed to be of some help, helping in the ClubCrawl preparation and also dressing for the traditional performance.
ZhiSen and I eventually left at about 6pm.
We chatted about Random stuff while we make our way to the market to buy ZhiSen's dinner.

After buying dinner we went to the game card shop(we call it uncle shop)and ZhiSen asked about the pack that he wanted to buy after that we left for the MRT and go our separate ways at the crossroad.

I went on the train to meet my parent,sis and sis' BF.
We than made our way to the long beach restaurant at East Coast to have our Feast.
We eventually reached there and my aunts and uncles and cousins eventually came too.

They began to order and we waited for awhile and the food slowly came in plate by plate.
The first to came was the elephant Trunk Clam Sashimi with a hot broth.
The clam if eaten raw tasted abit fishy but its very fresh and if it is boiled in the broth for sometime, the clam's freshness taste is enhanced.The broth itself also tasted quite good.

Next came was the raw oysters,the oysters are very big and succulent furthermore it taste very very fresh, I liked it alot.

Next came the deer meat stir-fried with spring and ginger.The deer meat is very tender and tasted like chicken but some what much better than that.

Next came the Sea cucumber with fish stomach and spinach.The Sea cucumber tasted abit weird but the fish stomach and the spinach tasted quite good.

Next came the deep-fried whole duck.You may have though that the duck will be most likely be dripping with alot of oil since it is deep-fried ,then you are very wrong.
The duck is very crispy yet it is very dry from oil.The skin is very crispy and the flesh is very but yet tasted very nice.As the duck is quite big and my other aunts and uncles cant finish it on the other tables, they then past to my table some portions of the duck.In total, I ate about maybe 1 or 2 ducks LOLZ if joining all the different portions from the different table lolz.

Next then came the chill crab.The claws of the crabs is huge and the meat is very soild and fresh.The gravy accompanied with the fried buns was also quite good.
I managed eat about half a crab inclusive of a large crab claw.

The last dish is a dessert of yam paste with gingo nuts topped with coconut milk.
This dish is one of the best I have tasted so far.This is the only time that I feel that this dish is not too sweet and it make you want to take a second or even a third serving even though it is a very starchy food.
I had 3 bowl of it but the bowl are not very big so it is not as much as you think it is .

After all the eating, we rested for awhile and we left for home.

I have took some pictures of the food I haven eaten there and also pictures of when I am eating the food itself hahaz~
I will posting these pictures as soon as I finishing uploading it on my laptop

Anyways this is what I have in mind to type in this current post

Byes and till the next post I will chat more about my day TaTa~

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Nothing much...............

Hey dudes and dudettes,I woke up late today ,at about 1330.
Wanted to do some facebooking but apparently facebook was very lag.
After trying it for sometime, I gave up went to prepare to go to school for
the club crawl help out.

I went out at about 1430 and before going to school,
I went to Ang Mo Kio market to buy my lunch.
After buying my lunch I went to school,when I reached there,some of com have already started on the painting of the sandwich board.

After finishing my lunch,I went into the clubroom,Michelle came when I began to move toward the room,as there is already enough people on the job of painting and there isnt any other job so I began to stone there.
After stoning for sometime in the room jack then came with oliver.
Jack and I bought a new battery and wanted to test it so we play a round of Monster hunter.After the match, we stopped and I went back to stone in the room.
At about 1800+ we all of us went for dinner.
Jack and me went to look for Faiz for dinner.we went up to the SIDM FYP lab to look for him.
On the way to Koufu, Jack and Faiz began trading their pokemon, as wants to evolve through trading.
We went to find De sheng and found him at koufu eating with the rest.
After eating for sometime Hui ting then came back from her trip, togehter with mee han and Jade
After finishing my dinner, I watch Faiz and Jack play mario cart, and Jack kept on losing lolz.

After the rest have finish eating we all went back and began to help out.
The work lasted till 2300 and we left for home.
I didnt help much though.(sadzz~)
Someone pasted the special order sticker on Alex and every laugh and took photo of him with the sticker on his back.
He eventually found out took it off and pasted it on De sheng think it was him.
We chattered about random stuff and we when our separate ways Bus people like me and Hui Ting went bus, Mee han ,Jack ,De sheng ,Alex ,Faiz when MRT and lastly Jade went to take the Taxi.

I will still be going back to school tomorrow to help out more but I think will be leaving earlier.

Anyways this is what I have in mind to type in this current post
I apologise for this post to be this short and not as interesting,
as today is just a empty day for me.

Byes and till the next post I will chat more about my day TaTa~

Friday, April 16, 2010

Enlistment letter.....

Hey dudes and dudettes,I have just receive my enlistment letter....
Going to go for my national attachment on 12th August 2010.
I am wondering if the rest is going in the same date us me.
sad that my enlistment date is so late, I wanted to go in early
and take free stuff,have free training , eat free food and receive free allowance.
The early I go in the early I get my free stuff.

Anyways I am wondering what am I to do for the next 3 - 4 months waiting for army.
I am too lazy to work and feel very very bored when staying at home.
If want to go out also don know who to ask out.
Need to find something to actually spend my time.

A job, hmmm... nah lazy.
Playing Games hmmm... bored with games.
Going out hmmm... don know who to ask out.
Facebooking hmmm... bored with facebook.
Finding Girlfriend leads yet.
Thats about what I can do but still cant or lazy to do before my enlistment.

Anyways about today I went to school and met up with the rest for lunch
When I reached the area everyone are complain about someones eating speed and style.
Even after I finish eating he/she haven finish lolz.
After eating we went back to the clubroom and began to do some work.
As hui ting needs to go for a job interview and she don know where is the place
so she asked me to help her lead the way.
we left the school and took the train to the place.
we chatted about random stuff on the way there.

As I have not gone to that area for quite sometime,
I was abit lost but lucky still managed to find my way through the place lolz.
When she went in for the interview, I began exploring the area.
The place is actually quite new to me.I walked around and found a japanese snack shop.
I went in and look around and found out the stuff they sell there are quite expensive,but
not able to control my temptation of trying new snacks,I bought a bottle of green tea and
a box of Men's bitter chocolate which cost me $7.20 lolz. $3.20 for the green tea and $4 for the chocolate.

Although the snacks are expensive ,in the end it is still worth the money as they taste quite nice.
Hui ting eventually came out of the interview , we went around to look at laptops and after that we went back to school and as usual, we chatted about random stuff.
Back in school the rest have started work for the clubcrawl so we join back in the ranks.
The helpers that came today are slight more than the day before.

On the overall we managed to have progress for the preparation as we managed to make out 2 sets of sandwich boards and start painting on the booth banner.
Everything was quite nicely done but we have problems paint the stuff as we somethings accidently painted over onto the other colours ,so spending more time to makeup for it.

In the end we left school at about 1120pm.
Afraid of missing the last bus, I rushed forward infront of all the others.
Making myself looks like I am very emo as I was walking around infront with my headphone on.
If you guys or gals are reading this Sorry about guys and gals for rushing infront alone as what I have said ,I was afriad of missing the last bus and in the end need to walk home alone.

Luckly I managed to catch the last bus home.

I will still be going back to school tomorrow to help out more.

Anyways this is what I have in mind to type in this current post.

Byes and till the next post I will chat more about my day TaTa~

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bored at home.....

Hey dudes and dudettes, this few weeks I have been rotting at home doing nothing not even playing games as I am getting bored with the current games I have.

To prevent me from rotting further I got movies and began a movie marathon.
I actually managed to watch 5 movies in 1 go lolz.
In total until now i think i have watched about 20+ movies.

I like the animation movies i watch, it is quite funny and also abit on the emotional side when
nearing the ending of the shows.
Shows like "Summer Wars","The Girl Who Leap Through Time","Spirited Away","Howl's Moving Castle" and "The Cat Returns" is the onces I love the most.

Movies like " 10 promises to my dog" and " Cyborg She " is also quite good and I love to watch them.
The movie " 10 promises to my dog" when i first watch in the cinema i was so sad when the dog died that i began to tear.I watch it the second at home and i almost tear.
Haha its rare for me to actually tear because of watching movies but this is the only few movie that actually made me feel sad inside.

Aside from the movie watching, I went out today to help my juniors in the preparation for the club crawl event(CCA Promotion Day in NYP)

I woke up late , so I made my way there thinking I am the latest but....
on reaching school I noticed that some of my juniors are even later than me lolz
so I waited with one other junior and we watch videos that is weird but funny lolz

When all of the people were there, they began brainstorming for the ideas of design for the club's noticeboard while I began to adjust n keep the Yukata and Happi in order.
This is a habit of mine that I find it hard to change us I am used to be the one taking care of the Yukata and Happi but now I know I should not interfere but I cant stop myself from doing it.
Anyways, after all that, we began cutting sakura petals from pink crepe paper while we chatting about anything that we could think of and we kept on poking a certain someone about his/her well being ~(no hard feeling the certain someone we are only joking)

Well,we did that until 11+ pm and we left for home while still chattering about anything in our minds

I will be going to school tomorrow again to help out.
Hope I will be some help there

Anyways this is what I have in mind to type in this current post.

Byes and till the next post I will chat more about my day TaTa~

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

First Post After 2 years

Hey dudes and dudettes after 2 long years i finally began to re-post again,currently serving my sentence in FYP lab,this is already my week 9, 3 more weeks till I need to hand in my completed flash game ... Well ending fast is also good as it provides me with more time to do more other stuff like doing part time jobs or even do casual stuff cooking ...

Anyway even after my FYP I still have Fusion show to be part of.That reminds me,"laughs"I did something that I do not why I did it.Well during the individual photo shoot for Fusion 2010, I did a pose in front of the camera that was so g@y that even the cameraman ask if I really wanted that pose.In the end I really used that pose and that photo is supposedly going to be posted on the Fusion 2010 website soon and it is most likely going to stay there for like 1 year +.

Well what is done is already done,"laughs"I am just waiting for the picture to be actually posted on the website itself and laugh at myself.

Anyway this is what I have to type on this post now

Byes and till the next post I will talk more "laughs".

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Hi all,

Currently having my holidays now for about one month.

I got nothing to do ,so bored!!! Ha ha actually i wanted to go back to train in Taekwondo but

currently on the training dates i busy with Japan trip stuff.

Now early in the morning i wake up at 9+ am, seriously bored.

Maybe I should talk about the SJCC Anniversary .The event was quite well organised. With everything done on time,but sad thing was very little Alumni come back for the event only 3 came for the event.The mood for the event was excellent.Everyone was very high .

The performance during the event was also great Ishida sensei's modern/traditional flute and the musical performance done by Ka Ching,Ban Theang,Shaun and sherwin.This performance was also great.

Everything was quite well done, the food was also good but the food finish too fast, but it is usual lol, cause the last time i organised the hand over ceremony, the sushi also finished very fast.At this time all the guest have taken their share of the sushi before all the sushi is gone lol.The cake taste great,thanked to Zhi Sen Recommendation of the cake.

I almost forgot there is also a photo slide show quite nicely done although it is a last minute work lol.The photo consist of the old and new photos of club events.It was quite interesting to see the old photos of the Alumni and my own photo lol.Although my photo look weird and i do remember doing that but its fine with me.Ha ha the start was great with Zhi sen's unglamorous photo of him eating .On the overall its was great ,thanked to Faqrulla's great work.

The event ended at about 10+ am.

This event is Organised by Sherwin so We ought to thank him for his great job done.

That about it about the Anniversary.

Now i am seriously seriously bored.

Donno what to typed now.

I almost forgotten to mention that i now have taken over as the JMD Head for the moment as my current Head is very busy with her attachment, so if you need anything from my JMD side or you Want to inform me anything regarding JMD you can find me.

Later on i got a meeting at 1430 but now still so early only 0934 am only.

Currently there is no Upcoming events, it both sad but also happy for me.
The sad part is it is very boring.The happy part is i no need to worry about anything regarding events ha ha.

For my personal life i think i will have a pause for it for sometime hiah it is sad for me hiahh
Thinking of it now still make me feel sad.The reason why i am sad i will not tell me unless you personal ask me and maybe i will tell you, I think i am not suitable to have a relationship with bah.Either its my looks or its my behaviour , maybe this scares people off bah.

I hope i will recover from this sad event soon bah hiah......

Ha ha I wonder what it feels like to be loved by someone.
I am not talking about loved by your parents or siblings.
I am talking about loved by someone else hiahh......
I guess i will not get to experience this feeling anytime, ha ha maybe further in my life i will experience it , thats a big MAYBE ha ha .I hope i experience it soon bah.

I wonder if there is alone who likes me but never tell me hmmm i don think have bah , but anyway i just typing out my feelings here , ha ha for further information just go ask me about it i think i will talk more about to you if i feel like it ha ha

I think i have ran out of stuff to typed .
I will stop the post here bah
So till my next post bah BB!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

hand over ceremony

woooooooooooooow hand over ceremony finally over liao one big burden gone phew.........
haha anyway it was fun hope everyone enjoy the ceremony tat day haaha
logistic(division items) tats the post i get haha although it is not veri high post but i don mind taking on tis post haha

anyway i said before tat first ting i wanna do is to clear up the clubroom
tats wat i have been doing for the pass few days with the help from G4 members(ban theang,byran,zhi sen)and from danny ,G4's dai sou and Faqrullah (logistic position also)

clearingthe clubroom is fun but it was tiring toooo lol we found alot of old antique stuff lol
mani mani interesting stuff haha the president shirt tat is recently created haha also found a few
stuff danny was looking for haha anyway i still gt alot of stuff to do for the clubroom

i still gt to write up a inventory list and do the report for the hand over ceremony hiahh haha i hope i can finish them soon lol

anyway i still gt another post but is not main committee ,i am also the vice-JMD head haha helping sok hiang who is the current JMD head now haha she year 3 so i gt to help her and when she goes for her attachment i gt to takeover the leadership lol
hope i can handen all tis lol haha

but anyway i tink i end tis post here till nxt time bah BB

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


wooooooooooow SJCC camp was so fun haha too bad there is not alot of people attending to it haha it seem quite from the camps i attended to in the past haha maybe cse in the past camps i attended are NCC(National Cadet corps)camps those camps more under controlled by the part D(the leaders of NCC)haha maybe cse the juniors are all young and easily controlled haha the games was also fun haha

hell' Advocate was a very new thing to me in all my camp experience i have never experience this before till the SJCC camp haha but the spiderweb was abit tooo horrible it took as tooo long to just send everyone over and being a leader during that point is even harder and more heartbreaking lol cse sometimes the directions given by me and the other leader joanna was not heard properly thus the one passing through the web touches the web lol but anyway it is not only the faults of the others that we took so long it was also my fault that i did not take danny advice of making use of the whole team to help but only using the certain few people to help haha anyway it was fun haha lol but it was a job well done for the hell's Advocate all thx to danny and gang of his team

haha the other games in the camp is also fun the team building game and treasure hunt haha all thx to the the IC(in -charged) of the camp The last part of the camp is also damn funny haha the song and the skit donno veri entertaining anot cse i am part of it hope it is entertaining haha the momote cafe lol to people who have taken the videos of the whole camp can send me the videos pls thx thx
on the overall the camp was great but the rest time seem to be alot leh haha anyway the next will be organised by the current juniors haha thats includes me haha hope we do a gd job haha but anyway till nx time bah till the nxt post bah bb