Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Hey dudes and dudettes,today is a very very very unlucky day for me.
I got injured 3 times and missed my bus even though it saw me...
Furthermore, 1 of the injures was like Damn stupid .
My life is filled with lots of bad luck but there is also quite a amount of good luck.

Well,I guess everyone will once in a while get good or bad luck,I dont think anyone can be all the way having bad luck and also I dont think anyone can be all the way having good luck.The luck for anyone changes once in a while,the person could be having good luck for this few years but all of the sudden, his luck gone in reversal and turned drastically bad or it could happen the other way another from bad to good.
Anyways, good or bad is not for us to decide,but it is for fate to give us good or bad luck.We cant blame it on anything,just live with it I guess.

I guess you will ask me then," why are you complaining about having bad luck?".
Well, my answer is simple,I just want to rant it out on the blog.This ranting making me feel better in the ways that I can tell it someone else other than my friends.I do not need to tell everyone about it personally if I rant it in here LOLZ~.

Anyways about my day,After I got myself prepared,went to the bus stop and took the bus,when going to the second level of the double-decker bus, I hit my right elbow against the stairs railings,well I thought that I was fine but when I rool a look at my injury I notice a tiny hole with little blood on my elbow.I took out my tissue and then cleaned it thinking that the wound will not bleed any further but I was wrong.... The next moment I touched my wound, I feel some liquid substance and found out that it is blood.I checked my wound again and saw that I was bleeding again.
I then put on a plaster but there is still a tiny tinge of pain emitting from my wound.
I then got off the bus at AMK ,went to the Ice Cream store at Jubilee shopping centre and bought a scoop of Rum and Raisins with a cone.
I then continued onward to school while eating my Ice Cream.
The Rum and Raisins I had in the past is very different from the one I was having while going to school.The taste of Rum was much stronger but yet,it was not tooo strong for my taste.It was quite nice and sweet.

I eventually reached school and finished my Ice Cream.
I saw Ban Theang and Val at the benches but left them since the rest is going start the discussion at Mac.
The discussion started after I bought my food at Macs.
While sucking on a packet of mayonnaise,I put it out and the edge of the packet slit my inside of my mouth.I was like " WTF I kanna cut by a mayonnaise packet...."
I ranted it to the people beside me but eventually kept quiet as the discussion was still going on.

Basically the discussion was about the upcoming JMD event.
Lots of things were discussed about, food,venue, etc.
While the rest was still decided about what to do, I took out my laptop and showed to elyn and Hui Ting our old JMD performance during Open House 2008, CAF 2008 and they saw the youtube video of Trixy's Ranka Lee performance during CAF 2009.

The discussion continued on and much was decided.
The rest of the main Com then came back from another meeting with Ota Sensei.
The current discussion then ended but another discussion started, discussion about the stuff for orientation on 28 april that is tomorrow(Now is 3:58am so well it should be today)but I was not suppose to be involved so I just sat in.

As it was getting late, the discussion ended and we all, including the other main com left toward the train station.
We then went our seperate ways at the MRT station.

As Hui Ting yesterday,so called accompanied me home on the bus as she wanted to try take bus 70,so in return,so I so called accompanied her home on the bus 72.
We chatted for awhile, after awhile, Hui Ting fell asleep as she is quite tired.
We eventually reached her house.We then waited for the bus 101 to come.
We then chatted and chatted.The bus I was suppose to take then went pass the bus stop that I was at without even stopping.I was like "dotz...",then we then waited for the next bus to come.
Eventually, the bus came and we bid of farewares.

I will be going back to school to help out for the SJCC orientation.

Byes and till the next post I will chat more about my day TaTa~

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