Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rainy dayz~

Hey dudes and dudettes,rain,hmmmm, droplets of water that drop from the sky LOLZ~ or the condensation of water vapour in the clouds in the sky.Rainy dayz have been a terror during sometimes and also an enjoyment during sometimes to me.Wellz, A terror when I am going out and it floods the pathway that I want to walk on and also there is one time that I got super drench with rain water when I had to run from my tution place to my house, on a normal day it will take me 15 mins to walk,so basically I ran under the rain for at least 10 mins lolz there was also once that my umbrella was spoiled due to the wind and there was once when I was on the way to NYP on a day with very heavy rain,the left path that leads to Nyp was so flood that the water level reached about half my calf's height LOLZ,in Nyp itself the flood was also quite bad LOLX the pathway towards Block L was sooo flooded that it reached my ankle height lolz and the drain was sooo flooded that it is erupting sooo much water that it had created a mini fountain LOLZ~.

An enjoyment when I am at home relaxing,sleeping, or after a very warm day then it suddenly rain , that is the best.The rain also reminded me of the days where I play rugby in school in a very muddy field as it have just rained a day before LOLZ.
That was one of the few times that I actually enjoying playing in the mud,tacking people and getting tacked became less pain ,but the bad part is, my white shoes became brown shoes due to the mud lolz.That was great time in school.

Anyway about my day,I woke at during the afternoons and it was raining heavily,I then prepared myself and then went to school.I remember Hui Ting asked me to help her buy satay sticks, so before going to school, I went to the hardware store at AMK to buy 2 packs of satay sticks,as it was still raining, i took out my umbrella and walked back to school,on the way back, I saw this Ice cream store and I decide to purchase some,hahaz basically there are quite a number of choices and I decided on Whiskey cream.This flavour have a quite a strong taste of whiskey in it but it is not too overwhelming,it quite nice.With the stuff in hand and my Ice Cream and Umbrella, I wallked back to school while enjoying my tasty Ice Cream.

I eventually reached school and finished my Ice Cream.I met Kai and Russel at the benches near the clubroom.I then took the satay I bought and gave it to shiki.The rest were in the clubroom doing the noticeboard,
Eventually they passed me the satay sticks and I then began work on cutting the sharp tips.
After finishing,Hui Ting,Kai and Russel left for class.
YaChen then took all the tipless satay sticks and some threads and the noticeboard back ground itself.We intend to make the satay sticks into the mats that resembles the sushi making mat.We first arrange the sticks on sticky tape and then threaded them,but the threading was too difficult with the very thin thread so we changed into a thicker thread and the new thread worked wonders on the satay sticks.

The others like Yuan Tat,Rui Ling,Raimie,De Sheng and Delson came to help out in the mat making we eventually managed to make about 4 and then Hui Ting appeared back from her class and Chee How also came.After some pondering,we all decided that instead of having the whole bottom half of the notice board background stuck with the mats we made, we stuck the mats at the centre of the bottom half so that there are equal portions of the board left empty without the mats.

We chatted and work at the same time,chatting about random stuff.
Eventually,we finished what is needed and began to slack off for awhile,Fook Yu then came and we talked about our past experience dancing with Danny and the Alumnis and also talking about dance moves.After that moment of rest, Fook Yu left and we began to stick the mats on the background itself.We tried to used white glue to stick it on the background ,but it failed badly,so we then used the glue gun to stick it on and guess what, it was a great success.The letter was then restuck on the background using the glue gun.

After all the work have been done, we cleaned up the place and began to leave for the notice board.

As Yuan Tat and Chee How was playing with the clubroom key, the key somehow became slightly bend and it became harder to insert and remove it from the keyhole.

I then advice them on how to settle this problem as when I was the Logistics Head 1 year ago I also encountered this problem.
Apparently, only me and De Sheng are able to insert and remove the key while the rest failed at it.I guess this must be so cause I enough this problem before and learnt how to deal with it and had taught De Sheng what I have learnt LOLZ~.

Anyways, after that key situation,we that walked and reached the notice board.
After some shifting , we then finally managed to staple it down on the board.
We then admire our job well then, we then left for dinner at Mac.Shiki,Sherly and MeiWen went home first.

We then settled down ,as I dont have any cash on me, I went to take out money from the ATM with Hui Ting who also needed money.
After getting the money, we bought our dinner and settled down to eat.
We talked about the weirdest stuff we could think of like, for some reason, someone talked a bird having a penis that is 2 metres long and all of us then laughed and laughed and thought that it was not possible.We then did research on it and found out that the bird with the longest penis have only a penis with 42cm long, very big different from 2 metres.I also added that the whale have a huge penis that can give out gallons and gallons of sperm.The rest didnt believe me so, they found out and notice that it is really true.We talked about this subject till we left for home.

We then went our seperate ways at the train station as usual.
As me and Hui Ting are taking bus home,we walked together.
She then decided that she wanted to try and take bus 70 to see if it is able to reach her home and since I was there she will not need to take it alone.
We then went to the bus 70 the line and waited.
While waiting, there is some croaking sound coming out from the drains.I guess it could be frogs or toad and I was right.Hui Ting then checked it and following up by many other people that was attracted by the loud croaking.

We then eventually boarded the bus ,took the bus guide and examine it.
We then found out that this bus doesnt go to where Hui Ting lives so,we just chatted then we eventually both fell asleep.
We then eventually reached my home area and departed the bus.
I then brought her to the 147 bus stop and coincidenily the bus 147 came and she went for it and we all then went home.

Lasting~, I lost my umbrella in school DAMN IT~.
OK that all.

I will be going back to school to attend to a discussion but will be in school quite late as the discussion starts late.

Byes and till the next post I will chat more about my day TaTa~

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