Sunday, April 25, 2010

Number 100 post~

Hey dudes and dudettes,this is my number 100 post for my blog,although I know 100 posts in a blog is not a big deal,but I just want to say that it have reached the number 100 post LOLZ~.

I started my blog during my secondary school days.If you ask why I started a blog,well,seriously I dont know why,as I remembered I just created it for fun LOLZ.
At first, I will post about random stuff about my school life, thoughs of current events and also random pictures. I post on my blog occasionally,eventually when I reached Poly my posting became more often but after a year of soo, I stopped.
My posting restarted this year as I became more free to post about my school life in poly.Now I post most likely daily about my day and my thoughts of the events happening during the current day.
For the reason why I didnt post for the yesterday was that I was too tired.

Anyways about yesterday,I when to school at 10,at Mac, I met vicky and Chee How talking about something,as I dont want to interrupt I saw some palce further away from them,I was suppose meet up with Fook Yu to have breakfast at school Mac but she came late.Hu ting and Lue Song by right was suppose to meet as but they didnt came until later.Ban Theang and Val eventually came while me and Fook Yu was eating breakfast,we also saw byran and he also joined us.After finishing,we then went our to the meeting place, which is outside clubroom and saw the rest of the Jmd juniors there,but we eventaully changed the venue to Mac as the area there is toooo warm.We then went over to Mac.

At Mac, we met Hu Ting and Lue Song that have just reached school.
We found a table ,settled down and began the debrief for the performance on thursday Club Crawl.
Fook Yu then started off the debrief,comments of the performance was given and rating of how good the performance was asked.Eventually,the debrief was done after watching the performance videos.

Trixy and Gerry eventually came.

The 08 batch then left but it is not the end of the meeting yet.
We then continued talking about the future of Jmd, how the juniors are to settle the trainings and also about the singing part of Jmd.
The juniors intend to have Bryan as the instructor for Hip Hop in Jmd and Ban Theang as Traditional instructor.They also asked help from Trixy and Lue Song to help them for the instructing for singing.

I also further the meeting by asking Chee How about questions on Jmd,like room booking or choice for vice JMD head.

Danny and those who play basketball with him eventaully came.

After a long while,alot of questions and were asked and given.
Then the question of Natsu performance eventaully came and Chee How asked Danny about this matter,he then replied and gave further advice.

He also gave further advice to Chee How about Jmd.

We all then chatted about the past stuff about Jmd and within the chat, we know about alot of stuff about the current situation in SJCC and also within the chat, also contain lots of tips,pointers and advice for Chee How and the juniors to take in running Jmd and handling the position of Jmd head or even handling the place of Jmd in SJCC.There is also some infomation about some weird happening in SJCC.

The overall meeting and chat session is fun and interesting.

After all that ,we left school and went our seperate ways.

I went to my aunt house to have my dinner before processing to the aiport to send off my aunt and uncle who are going back to there home at England.
Basically their check in is at Terminal 3.

They went in at about 10pm, many hugs were given before they went in.

My family there left for home.

That it about yesterday.

Then about today,it is pretty simple LOLZ~.

I woke up in the afternoon, prepared myself and went out to my Max's house as we are going to meet up with Ban Theang and Faq to play Monster Hunter.
I went to Max house and I thought I reached by actually, I went to the wrong block, a block just beside LOLZ~.
When I reached his house,I settled down, ate my lunch and then we started playing.
We managed to clear afew quest including a urgent quest but we keep failing at the akantor urgent ,so we hunted for materials.

When it is reaching dinner time,we went out the the coffee shop and had our dinner and left for the MRT.
We then gone our seperate ways at the MRT station.

It is very simple for today, as there isnt much happening today just the above stated.

I will be going back to school to help out for the notice board.

Byes and till the next post I will chat more about my day TaTa~

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