Friday, April 23, 2010

Last day of Club Crawl

Hey dudes and dudettes, yesterday was the last day of club crawl,I wanted to post yesterday but.... When I know the com, the next morning in know, I find asleep on the couch with my facebook on lolz~ I was very tired due to yesterday Club Crawl.
Anyways, yesterday club crawl as compared to the first day was much more better organised but it is still messy~.
Many people are still late but the booth started earlier then the first day.
Well~ at least there is some improvements~......

Anyways about yesterday,I woke up very earlier in the morning.
I was late as I said that I will be meeting the rest at about 8am.
Think I was late I then rushed there and reached school at about 830.
I was like think to myself "Damn~ I am late hope that I am not that~ late"
Oh well~ I expected the people to be there already but.... when I went into the clubroom only Delson was there and he told me he was the only 1 here and he came at 8am and nobody came yet.

I was like"LOLZ~ I came early for nothing......".
Delson then began to rest in the clubroom while I stone in there till wanzi came I then I went out as it was getting cold in the clubroom.
Kai , Desmond and Ban Theang eventually came at 8+,the time the helpers support to meet at, but apparently no 1 was there other then me, kai,desmond , one other junior and delson and wanzi which was in the clubroom.We then waited Azmah and Hakimah eventually came,dressed up themselves in their costume and they were prepared to go to the sport hall to promote the club to the freshies.
As there was no one at the sport hall yet,they both of them just stayed near the clubroom and waited till the booth is opened.
The rest eventually came and began to help since the guys are there so me and de sheng and kai started helping them to tie their yukata.While tying, we did try to teach them how to tie but if they know or dont know how to tie is another thing lolz.

While I am helping out in the clubroom, the rest began to take stuff over to the booth,starting the booth and registration.
Fook Yu then eventually called and complain that why is the booth not started yet and if we are not going over to the sport hall, she is going to find us at the clubroom lolz.

Rousi then eventually came with a dying look lolz~.
So called joke with her but she didnt reply what I expected lolz~.

The rest who are ready then left for the sport hall.

I then wore the Domo costume and went toward the sport hall with Kai,Aloy and De Sheng
It feel very funny and warm wearing the domo costume.It attracted lots n lots of attention hahaz, some people even took photos with me~.

We eventually reached the sport hall and I took of the Domo costume as it is getting very warm, I was perspiring alot and I mean seriously alot.
I began by giving out flyers to the students and when the JMD performance started I began to take their performance video using my HP.Today's performance is much better as compared to the performance on the first day.
They are now more centered on the stage and during their traditional performance,it look more energetic then on the first day.
The performance eventually ended and when back to the booth.
I then began to walk around with the Kon sign to attract freshies to the club.
After sometime walking around,I passed the sign to someone else and wore the Chomper sandwich board and after sometime I went to rest at the booth. After sometime resting I went out to give out flyers to the students.
It was like 1pm+ and by right the rest who went for lunch should be back earlier on.
All the rest at the booth was like complaining why there took soooo long to take their lunch.

The people who went lunch eventually came back and me, fook yu,kai and shu yun then went for lunch while Delson and Tanner had to stay as they had to wait for Thiri.

We then went to koufu for our lunch and went back to the sport hall, on the way, we met Delson and Tanner.
We all then went back to the booth.Fook Yu and me eventually took over the 2 seats at the booth and kai was infront of the booth making paper roses and becoming the booth promoter while me n Fook Yu handened the registration.
Ben n Rousi then came back, as Ben sit on the floor as he is in the clavior costume, so Fook Yu gave him her chair.

The day was slow and Fook Yu was like dosing off while sitting on the floor, beside me ,where I am on the chair lolz~ and I was like stoning on the chair as they is not much people coming to the booth.It is when the students came to register, I will just come out of my stoning mode lolz~.

The day soon come to a end and we began to pack up and leave.
Before leaving, we took a group photo before we left.I wasnt in the group photo as I do not want to ,so I showed only my hands LOLZ~.

We then went back to the clubroom and had a short debrief and everyone is dismissed while the Main comm had a short debrief with me,Fook Yu and De sheng and we said and asked what we wanted to know and wanted to said.

Eventually,me and Fook Yu left and me, Kai , Shu Yun went for dinner at the AMK Market.

Aloy , Kach and Rousi eventually came and we then all finished our dinner and chatted and all of them except me and Rousi began playing their DS.Both of us then stoned then chatted abit then all of us left for home at 10pm.
On our to the train station,we met xinyan,Thiri and vicky.We then seperated at AMK hub as me and Rousi was taking the taxi as she had a big luggage with her dressup stuff in it and I was going to same way so we decided to take the taxi together and share the cost evenly.

We then chatted on our way home on the taxi, we first went to hougang and dropped Rousi off and then went home to serangoon.
The cost is less then $10.

I will still be going back to school to attend the JMD debrief session at 11am.

Byes and till the next post I will chat more about my day TaTa~

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