Saturday, April 17, 2010

Nothing much...............

Hey dudes and dudettes,I woke up late today ,at about 1330.
Wanted to do some facebooking but apparently facebook was very lag.
After trying it for sometime, I gave up went to prepare to go to school for
the club crawl help out.

I went out at about 1430 and before going to school,
I went to Ang Mo Kio market to buy my lunch.
After buying my lunch I went to school,when I reached there,some of com have already started on the painting of the sandwich board.

After finishing my lunch,I went into the clubroom,Michelle came when I began to move toward the room,as there is already enough people on the job of painting and there isnt any other job so I began to stone there.
After stoning for sometime in the room jack then came with oliver.
Jack and I bought a new battery and wanted to test it so we play a round of Monster hunter.After the match, we stopped and I went back to stone in the room.
At about 1800+ we all of us went for dinner.
Jack and me went to look for Faiz for dinner.we went up to the SIDM FYP lab to look for him.
On the way to Koufu, Jack and Faiz began trading their pokemon, as wants to evolve through trading.
We went to find De sheng and found him at koufu eating with the rest.
After eating for sometime Hui ting then came back from her trip, togehter with mee han and Jade
After finishing my dinner, I watch Faiz and Jack play mario cart, and Jack kept on losing lolz.

After the rest have finish eating we all went back and began to help out.
The work lasted till 2300 and we left for home.
I didnt help much though.(sadzz~)
Someone pasted the special order sticker on Alex and every laugh and took photo of him with the sticker on his back.
He eventually found out took it off and pasted it on De sheng think it was him.
We chattered about random stuff and we when our separate ways Bus people like me and Hui Ting went bus, Mee han ,Jack ,De sheng ,Alex ,Faiz when MRT and lastly Jade went to take the Taxi.

I will still be going back to school tomorrow to help out more but I think will be leaving earlier.

Anyways this is what I have in mind to type in this current post
I apologise for this post to be this short and not as interesting,
as today is just a empty day for me.

Byes and till the next post I will chat more about my day TaTa~

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