Sunday, April 18, 2010

CCA Transcript

Hey dudes and dudettes,I just received my CCA Transcript,
and guess what??? I get a A that I am not sure I got it cause of luck
or cause of the stuff I did for SJCC(Japanese club in NYP).
You may ask why am I questioning my own achievements.
This is due to the reason that I was apparently given an extra leadership involvement
LOLZ I was given points for being the committee Member of Taekwondo Club in NYP.
I have only been the committee Member of SJCC and only a normal member for Taekwondo Club.
Furthermore,I have asked around between the other committee members of SJCC and apparently they only got B.

That is why I think I got my A grade by luck.
Hahaz anyways, it is good that I got an A grade but apparently it is not much use to me us I am not applying for any of the universities LOLZ.

Anyways about today, I woke up early then usual at about 9+am but I went back to sleep and eventually woke up at 10.
I then showered and rushed out of the house as I was support to meet up with Lue song and Hui Ting for breakfast and I am very off timing,so I went out and took a taxi to school but luckily I managed to meet up with Lue song and Hui Ting.

After Chatting for awhile Joanna came out of the blue, she told us she came to school to meet up with some friends.
After breakfast, we went to look at the juniors doing the preparation for the CLubCrawl but realised that they haven started and they only intend to start at 1pm.
After knowing that, We then went back to Mac and saw Zhisen and rest.
we chatted for awhile and then went to look for the JMD juniors.

We found the juniors with Ban Theang who is instructing and improving the juniors the traditional dance for the ClubCrawl Performance.
After watching for awhile we went off and go our separate ways at Block A.
I went back to the juniors and it is only 1230 so we waited till elyn and Alex came and the work finally started when they reached.

ZhiSen also came along and look but in the end began to help abit.
JMD also came along and practised near the working area.
Somemore helpers eventually came and the work seem to be having some progress.

Alot of funny things happened there while the work was going on, running around and chasing each other like little kids and talking loudly like its their own house.
Hahaz they cannot help it I guess,they are still young, while me and zhisen is getting old liaoz not used to all this.
What I was glad that I managed to be of some help, helping in the ClubCrawl preparation and also dressing for the traditional performance.
ZhiSen and I eventually left at about 6pm.
We chatted about Random stuff while we make our way to the market to buy ZhiSen's dinner.

After buying dinner we went to the game card shop(we call it uncle shop)and ZhiSen asked about the pack that he wanted to buy after that we left for the MRT and go our separate ways at the crossroad.

I went on the train to meet my parent,sis and sis' BF.
We than made our way to the long beach restaurant at East Coast to have our Feast.
We eventually reached there and my aunts and uncles and cousins eventually came too.

They began to order and we waited for awhile and the food slowly came in plate by plate.
The first to came was the elephant Trunk Clam Sashimi with a hot broth.
The clam if eaten raw tasted abit fishy but its very fresh and if it is boiled in the broth for sometime, the clam's freshness taste is enhanced.The broth itself also tasted quite good.

Next came was the raw oysters,the oysters are very big and succulent furthermore it taste very very fresh, I liked it alot.

Next came the deer meat stir-fried with spring and ginger.The deer meat is very tender and tasted like chicken but some what much better than that.

Next came the Sea cucumber with fish stomach and spinach.The Sea cucumber tasted abit weird but the fish stomach and the spinach tasted quite good.

Next came the deep-fried whole duck.You may have though that the duck will be most likely be dripping with alot of oil since it is deep-fried ,then you are very wrong.
The duck is very crispy yet it is very dry from oil.The skin is very crispy and the flesh is very but yet tasted very nice.As the duck is quite big and my other aunts and uncles cant finish it on the other tables, they then past to my table some portions of the duck.In total, I ate about maybe 1 or 2 ducks LOLZ if joining all the different portions from the different table lolz.

Next then came the chill crab.The claws of the crabs is huge and the meat is very soild and fresh.The gravy accompanied with the fried buns was also quite good.
I managed eat about half a crab inclusive of a large crab claw.

The last dish is a dessert of yam paste with gingo nuts topped with coconut milk.
This dish is one of the best I have tasted so far.This is the only time that I feel that this dish is not too sweet and it make you want to take a second or even a third serving even though it is a very starchy food.
I had 3 bowl of it but the bowl are not very big so it is not as much as you think it is .

After all the eating, we rested for awhile and we left for home.

I have took some pictures of the food I haven eaten there and also pictures of when I am eating the food itself hahaz~
I will posting these pictures as soon as I finishing uploading it on my laptop

Anyways this is what I have in mind to type in this current post

Byes and till the next post I will chat more about my day TaTa~

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