Friday, April 16, 2010

Enlistment letter.....

Hey dudes and dudettes,I have just receive my enlistment letter....
Going to go for my national attachment on 12th August 2010.
I am wondering if the rest is going in the same date us me.
sad that my enlistment date is so late, I wanted to go in early
and take free stuff,have free training , eat free food and receive free allowance.
The early I go in the early I get my free stuff.

Anyways I am wondering what am I to do for the next 3 - 4 months waiting for army.
I am too lazy to work and feel very very bored when staying at home.
If want to go out also don know who to ask out.
Need to find something to actually spend my time.

A job, hmmm... nah lazy.
Playing Games hmmm... bored with games.
Going out hmmm... don know who to ask out.
Facebooking hmmm... bored with facebook.
Finding Girlfriend leads yet.
Thats about what I can do but still cant or lazy to do before my enlistment.

Anyways about today I went to school and met up with the rest for lunch
When I reached the area everyone are complain about someones eating speed and style.
Even after I finish eating he/she haven finish lolz.
After eating we went back to the clubroom and began to do some work.
As hui ting needs to go for a job interview and she don know where is the place
so she asked me to help her lead the way.
we left the school and took the train to the place.
we chatted about random stuff on the way there.

As I have not gone to that area for quite sometime,
I was abit lost but lucky still managed to find my way through the place lolz.
When she went in for the interview, I began exploring the area.
The place is actually quite new to me.I walked around and found a japanese snack shop.
I went in and look around and found out the stuff they sell there are quite expensive,but
not able to control my temptation of trying new snacks,I bought a bottle of green tea and
a box of Men's bitter chocolate which cost me $7.20 lolz. $3.20 for the green tea and $4 for the chocolate.

Although the snacks are expensive ,in the end it is still worth the money as they taste quite nice.
Hui ting eventually came out of the interview , we went around to look at laptops and after that we went back to school and as usual, we chatted about random stuff.
Back in school the rest have started work for the clubcrawl so we join back in the ranks.
The helpers that came today are slight more than the day before.

On the overall we managed to have progress for the preparation as we managed to make out 2 sets of sandwich boards and start painting on the booth banner.
Everything was quite nicely done but we have problems paint the stuff as we somethings accidently painted over onto the other colours ,so spending more time to makeup for it.

In the end we left school at about 1120pm.
Afraid of missing the last bus, I rushed forward infront of all the others.
Making myself looks like I am very emo as I was walking around infront with my headphone on.
If you guys or gals are reading this Sorry about guys and gals for rushing infront alone as what I have said ,I was afriad of missing the last bus and in the end need to walk home alone.

Luckly I managed to catch the last bus home.

I will still be going back to school tomorrow to help out more.

Anyways this is what I have in mind to type in this current post.

Byes and till the next post I will chat more about my day TaTa~

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