Wednesday, April 21, 2010

First day of Club Crawl

Hey dudes and dudettes,today is the first day of club crawl,this is the two days all the clubs are waiting for to so called present their club to the whole of Nyp and also to attract members to join, mainly freshies.

I have basically been and seen through 2 club crawls so I more if less have some experience to share with the juniors, experience like what to do to the booth, how to handle the loaning of yukata and happi and also what stuff that can be brought ober to furhter beautify the booth.

I plan to actually support them and also suggest to them about what stuff can be or cant be done,I seriously do not plan to go over and overtake the power as an alumni but only support them as an alumni.

Anyways about today, I woke up early and went off to school at about 830pm and I reached school at about 9am.When I reached school there are alright people that,some were wearing yukata and some were preparing for their cosplay for that day.
I then went over to help the guys to tie their yukata.

After finishing helping the guys in the tying of their yukata,we began packing stuff to bring over to the sport hall while the rest of the girls and cosplayers are still preparing themselves.We took some stuff and went off.
I took a big big of stuff some I was much slower than the rest.
Eventually I only same De sheng came back to get his laptop.
When I reach the sport hall, there are already lots of people, but when I reach the booth there is only kai and Jeremie there.
I then took the stuff with the help of kai, we further enhanced the booth .During the enhancement,1 guy came ask if the booth is ready for the registration,I told him that it is not ready but I could help him in the registration.I then further explain to him about the 3 different division of SJCC he then gave me his name admin no and Hp no but I do not have a paper at that time so I had to type it in my Hp.
More and more people came 2 girls came and ask if we teach japanese language and they are only interested in learning the Japanese language.Actually I find the two girls quite chio hahaz~.Anyways another 2 girls came and joined and another guy came and joined. Desmond then eventually popped out and helped me in the registration by provide pen and paper.

We managed to hold the crowd till the rest came which was at 11am.
My registration role was then taken over and took the Kon adverting board and walked around with it holding it up high for all to see.

I later accompanied alex around with board while alex is gaving out the flyers and we then later joined up with the other cosplayers and people wearing yukata.

I did that until about 2+, then I gave the job to someone else and took the clubroom doll aka susan for a walk around the sport hall and treated her like a child and I also took her out for lunch LOLZ~. Many people stared at her lolz, some even played with her or even got scared lolz.

I eventually put her back on the table and went to eat my lunch.
After lunch , I was given delson's camera, so I went around and took pictures and then went over to the jmd which was behind the stage as their performance was near.
I took their pictures and as their was starting, I went out and asked elyn for help to take video of the performance while I took photos.
The performance eventually ended. I personally felt that it is quite bad.....
Anyways I then took a few more pictures before passing the camera to De Sheng.
As there istn much for me to do,so I slacked off till it was time to pack up.
we eventually packed up and left.

At the debrief, the main com talked about the mistakes they have made and also the mistakes everyone made.Comments from the alumni and seniors was also added to further elaborate the wrongs of today,also suggesting them ways on how they can improve it for the next day.

The debrief eventually ended and we left to have our dinner at S11.
Honey, Aida and me waited at booked the place at S11 which the rest went to AMK Hub to the game shop.
They took quite long but eventually came back and everyone started their dinner.
Hui ting then eventually came.
After finishing dinner,we chatted till we left for home.

We first splitted up into 2 groups at the crossroad and then I left the whole group as I was the only lonely one that was taking the bus lolz.
Although I can take the train we the rest but I think that bus is better for me so I took the bus.

After reaching the bus stop and boarding the bus, I then began to type out the first part of my blog post on my hp. LOLZ~

I will still be going back to school to help out at the booth,I will reach school early in the morning so I will be sleeping earlier than usual

Byes and till the next post I will chat more about my day TaTa~

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