Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Last Day for Club Crawl Preparation

Hey dudes and dudettes,today is the last day for the Club Crawl Preparation.
Alot alright have been done, but I think there is lots more work ahead for today.

Anyway about today,I woke up just in time for me to go to school to help.
After my standard preparation of shower,wear clothing and add some lotion on my hair,
I left for school.I when to the bus stop and took the bus to school.
After the bus travelled for afew stops, it began to rain and I was like "WTF Rainz again..... sianzzzz",but when I was reaching school, the rain eventaully got lighter and I was like "LOLZ~ the rainz so short length~".

After reaching Yio Chu Kang, I got of the bus and went ahead to school.
On reaching school,the first thing I did was to check out the SJCC booth at the sport hall.Basically ,the SJCC booth is in the left corner of the sport hall.The booth is small and it is also overpowered by the Malay Cultural Group's booth as they have a big house structure.For the moment the booth still looks plain as it only have a banner up.

I went back to the clubroom and after some discussion of what to bring over,we brought some stuff and went to the booth to beautify it.
After sometime adding pretty stuff to it,we notice that it needs a better tablecloth,
so De Sheng and me went back to the clubroom and brought back the stuff we need.

We then continue working at the booth it was time to go.After adding those pretty stuff there, the booth looked much better than before.

We then left to settle other stuff at the clubroom.
The sandwich boards were further enhanced with Sentences about joining SJCC.
We basically cut out letters that is printed on afew A4 size paper.
The letters were than pasted on the sandwich boards.
Some of the rest were also doing the noticeboard ,painting Sakura and Orchid flowers on the background sheet of the noticeboard.

After doing much work, the batch that went for dinner came back and my batch of working people went to eat our dinner at Mac.
At Mac, after buying our dinner,we chatted about girls and also talked about the situation of Jack when he and Rayme was at Cheers.
Basically what happen was, Rayme overheard that the girl at the counter talking about that this was there last day of work at Cheers.Rayme after getting the stuff he is buying, he went to pay for it and while paying chatted with the girl about her last day at Cheers.Jack eventually came and pay for his items but the weird thing is when Rayme was about to say sometime else, Jack for no apparent reason throw his change and his receipt into the receipt bin.
Furhtermore, he look very serious about it when he was doing it.Rayme and the girl was then stunned.That is about what I heard from Rayme.
This is damn funny and the guys at the dinner table laughed and laughed and we eventually called Jack the $1.25 man as the change he threw there was $1.25.
And Rayme even wants to create facebook group called $1.25 just for this reason LOLZ.

We eventaully finished our dinner and went back to help.
After doing much of the work, we began to chat again and guess whats the topic....
girls lolz.

The chat was funny.
We then began to clean up as much of the work was done and it is getting late.

We left the place at abt 11pm.

The whole group moved off towards the MRT and chatted on the way there.

I will still be going back to school to help out at the booth,I will reach school early in the morning so I will be sleeping earlier than usual

Byes and till the next post I will chat more about my day TaTa~

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