Tuesday, April 20, 2010

First day of school reopen

Hey dudes and dudettes,today is the first day of school reopen.
Actually it doesn't affect me at all lolz
as I am already waiting for my graduation on may.
Alot of my juniors complained about their timetable being tooo random and classes all clustered together with little breaks in between,but some of them are also very happy with their timetable as they got quite alot of free days.

Anyway about today,I woke up in the afternoon but saw the time was too early to go to school so I went back to sleep again until like about 2 hours later.
After I woke up again,I had a throbbing headache and I went back to sleep again LOLZ.
This time I slept for another hour and woke up, although my headache is still there but it is not as bad as before, so I came up and showered and wore my clothing and went off with my laptop and stuffz.
Although it was raining cats and dogs, seriously very heavy rainz~,I still decide to go to school.

Luckily, we the help of my umbrella, I managed to be dry but my bag wasn't that lucky.
My bag was quite wet but luckily the water didn't managed to reach my laptop.
The bus eventually came and I boarded it, took a seat and began to read the book I borrowed from woodlands library (The Nice Girl Syndrome).

The bus eventaully reached Yio Chu Kang interchange.
I came down and saw alot of people walking the opposite direction from me.
This first time in 2 months that I have seen so many people in that long walkway to school.
I eventually reached school and met up with Max.
He wanted to get from me Assassin's creed and Flash CS4 from me,so I took out my Laptop and began the transferring,but my laptop's power went crazy and put itself to sleep, so I had to wait for it to completely go to sleep before actually turning it on and restart the transferring again.
Faq and Ban Theang and Val eventually came.
We than played a round of monster hunter, killng two blangogas before leaving the area we are at.

As I said that I will be staying around to help out for the decoration for the club crawl booth, I didn't go with Ban Theang and the rest to Mac.

After settling down my stuffz, I began to help the other in the making of the so called life sized Domo mascot.
As usual, we chatted about alot of stuff during the work.

We first cut up the cardboard boxes which came from the school.
After cutting the boxes into different parts, we then taped up some of the parts together to form the different body parts of Domo.
After finishing, the rest went for dinner while I took care of the stuff that was there.

I didn't go with them us I have already ate my dinner awhile before.
I then took out the library book(The Nice Girl Syndrome) and began reading.
According to the book, being too nice is actually very bad as it give people the chance for them to step over you,taking advantage of you.
The book also stated that there are actually alot of girls that are being taken advantage of just because they are too nice to the people around them.
After reading through some chapters,the rest eventually came back.
We than began to paint all the different parts of Domo.

We worked till around 11pm,then we began to pack up and leave.

We chatted on our way to the train station.
Upon reaching, I seperated from the group as I was the only one in the group that takes the bus home.

Anyways this is what I have in mind to type in this current post

I will still be going back to school tomorrow to help out more but I think I will reach school near the afternoon or maybe later since the rest still got school and they are not starting till 3pm.

Byes and till the next post I will chat more about my day TaTa~

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