Sunday, April 18, 2010

KickAss the Movie

Hey dudes and dudettes,today I am meeting my friends for a movie,movie name:KickAss.

We met up at CauseWay Point and before going in we bought of snack, popcorn,hot dog.
Anyway we went in and the movie started.Not to spoil the movie for you all out there I am not going to reveal any movie spoilers, but basically, the movie is very funny and considered to me to be quite bloody in some ways.

After the movie, we came out and began to explore CauseWay Point. Actually there is much to explore there.
We just went in to Comic Connection and a few other stores that sells random interesting stuff.

We eventually made our way to ground floor and decided to go to the library at the civis centre.

We went in and searched for some books on ActionScripting and music composing and after borrowing it we went out but before we went down Faq went to toilet so we waited for him near the escalators.There are some random book placed on the table near the escalators.

There is a book that looks interesting,"The Nice Girl Syndrome",so I picked it up and borrowed it.

This book is more suitable for girls to read but,I was like "I don care I just wanna read it",even after my friends teasing me say that I more of a girl inside, but I am seriously not, I am totally a guy mentally and physically LOLZ.

Anyway after Faq came out,we decided to go to Mac to eat and rest till we leave for home.

At the Mac I ordered a Double Chocolate Frappe and Cinnamon Meltz.
The Cinnamon Meltz is quite nice and sweet and the Double Chocolate Frappe is not too bad.

After resting there for awhile, it began to rain so we moved into the indoors.
Ban Theang was bored and tired so he began to sleep and the rest of us, Max, Faq, Shaun and me continued playing our handheld consoles , 2 PSP and 2 NDS lolz.

It began to turn dark and it seem to be late , so we began to leave for home.
We went to train station and we went splitted into 2 groups as both groups are taking different directions.

Ban Theang and me took the train toward Marina Bay while Max,Shaun and Faq took the train toward Jurong East.

Anyways this is what I have in mind to type in this current post

The below pictures are pictures from the Long Beach restaurant at East Coast.

Byes and till the next post I will chat more about my day TaTa~

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