Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bored at home.....

Hey dudes and dudettes, this few weeks I have been rotting at home doing nothing not even playing games as I am getting bored with the current games I have.

To prevent me from rotting further I got movies and began a movie marathon.
I actually managed to watch 5 movies in 1 go lolz.
In total until now i think i have watched about 20+ movies.

I like the animation movies i watch, it is quite funny and also abit on the emotional side when
nearing the ending of the shows.
Shows like "Summer Wars","The Girl Who Leap Through Time","Spirited Away","Howl's Moving Castle" and "The Cat Returns" is the onces I love the most.

Movies like " 10 promises to my dog" and " Cyborg She " is also quite good and I love to watch them.
The movie " 10 promises to my dog" when i first watch in the cinema i was so sad when the dog died that i began to tear.I watch it the second at home and i almost tear.
Haha its rare for me to actually tear because of watching movies but this is the only few movie that actually made me feel sad inside.

Aside from the movie watching, I went out today to help my juniors in the preparation for the club crawl event(CCA Promotion Day in NYP)

I woke up late , so I made my way there thinking I am the latest but....
on reaching school I noticed that some of my juniors are even later than me lolz
so I waited with one other junior and we watch videos that is weird but funny lolz

When all of the people were there, they began brainstorming for the ideas of design for the club's noticeboard while I began to adjust n keep the Yukata and Happi in order.
This is a habit of mine that I find it hard to change us I am used to be the one taking care of the Yukata and Happi but now I know I should not interfere but I cant stop myself from doing it.
Anyways, after all that, we began cutting sakura petals from pink crepe paper while we chatting about anything that we could think of and we kept on poking a certain someone about his/her well being ~(no hard feeling the certain someone we are only joking)

Well,we did that until 11+ pm and we left for home while still chattering about anything in our minds

I will be going to school tomorrow again to help out.
Hope I will be some help there

Anyways this is what I have in mind to type in this current post.

Byes and till the next post I will chat more about my day TaTa~

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