Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Hi all,

Currently having my holidays now for about one month.

I got nothing to do ,so bored!!! Ha ha actually i wanted to go back to train in Taekwondo but

currently on the training dates i busy with Japan trip stuff.

Now early in the morning i wake up at 9+ am, seriously bored.

Maybe I should talk about the SJCC Anniversary .The event was quite well organised. With everything done on time,but sad thing was very little Alumni come back for the event only 3 came for the event.The mood for the event was excellent.Everyone was very high .

The performance during the event was also great Ishida sensei's modern/traditional flute and the musical performance done by Ka Ching,Ban Theang,Shaun and sherwin.This performance was also great.

Everything was quite well done, the food was also good but the food finish too fast, but it is usual lol, cause the last time i organised the hand over ceremony, the sushi also finished very fast.At this time all the guest have taken their share of the sushi before all the sushi is gone lol.The cake taste great,thanked to Zhi Sen Recommendation of the cake.

I almost forgot there is also a photo slide show quite nicely done although it is a last minute work lol.The photo consist of the old and new photos of club events.It was quite interesting to see the old photos of the Alumni and my own photo lol.Although my photo look weird and i do remember doing that but its fine with me.Ha ha the start was great with Zhi sen's unglamorous photo of him eating .On the overall its was great ,thanked to Faqrulla's great work.

The event ended at about 10+ am.

This event is Organised by Sherwin so We ought to thank him for his great job done.

That about it about the Anniversary.

Now i am seriously seriously bored.

Donno what to typed now.

I almost forgotten to mention that i now have taken over as the JMD Head for the moment as my current Head is very busy with her attachment, so if you need anything from my JMD side or you Want to inform me anything regarding JMD you can find me.

Later on i got a meeting at 1430 but now still so early only 0934 am only.

Currently there is no Upcoming events, it both sad but also happy for me.
The sad part is it is very boring.The happy part is i no need to worry about anything regarding events ha ha.

For my personal life i think i will have a pause for it for sometime hiah it is sad for me hiahh
Thinking of it now still make me feel sad.The reason why i am sad i will not tell me unless you personal ask me and maybe i will tell you, I think i am not suitable to have a relationship with bah.Either its my looks or its my behaviour , maybe this scares people off bah.

I hope i will recover from this sad event soon bah hiah......

Ha ha I wonder what it feels like to be loved by someone.
I am not talking about loved by your parents or siblings.
I am talking about loved by someone else hiahh......
I guess i will not get to experience this feeling anytime, ha ha maybe further in my life i will experience it , thats a big MAYBE ha ha .I hope i experience it soon bah.

I wonder if there is alone who likes me but never tell me hmmm i don think have bah , but anyway i just typing out my feelings here , ha ha for further information just go ask me about it i think i will talk more about to you if i feel like it ha ha

I think i have ran out of stuff to typed .
I will stop the post here bah
So till my next post bah BB!!!

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